WPDone Artbees Themes

Creation is a ceremony

In our revolt against an Office Space scenario unfolding before us, we’re proud to have made our Artbees culture into a ceremony of creativity and production where only the joyful, intelligent and passionate can collaborate to take meaningful actions.

Rouzbeh Firouzmand

CEO - Co-Founder

Rouzbeh Firouzmand is the Co-Founder and CEO of Artbees. In the first early stages of Artbees, Rouzbeh passionately spearheaded the design and customer support of the majority of the projects. Even now, although his main responsibilities lie in running the company and setting forth product strategy, he is still actively involved in marketing, product research, design & development within various teams. The underlying source of his drive and tenacity is to constantly, if not obsessively, humanize our products in order to make them more approachable and intuitive for users.

Maziar Firuzmand

CMO - Co-Founder

Maziar is a man of variety and dynamism. Reflective of his multi-faceted educational background which includes a Diploma in Graphic Design, a Bachelors in Performing Arts, Masters in Theatre Direction, and a PhD in Communication & Media Studies, Maziar plays a hybrid role in the team, creating a natural synergy between Artbees’ marketing, product design and overall strategy. In such a capacity, he manages the Artbees Themes Portal, oversees the direction of Artbees Care and the Artbees Themes Blog and consults the PR team.

Berkay Akpolat

CTO - Co-Founder

From an early age Berkay always enjoyed coding and development. Soon enough, though, what was once a hobby evolved into his main passion, even leading him to withdraw from medical school to pursue a career in web development and coding. This proved to be a fruitful decision as Berkay now plays an integral role in helping Artbees expand its development team. Berkay not only is the lead coding hand in various Artbees projects but also works closely with new hires to groom and match their skills for Artbees’ overall user experience.

Alex Neil Customer Support
Can Hoskan Developer
Gülhan Gülez QA & Scrum Master
Sachin Joshi Software Engineer
Niloufar Firouzmand Community & HR Manager
Ozan Menfaatli Financial Officer
Cüneyt Erkol Designer
Laura Rodd Digital Media Producer
Aamir Rather Support Staff
Tatyana Hutsol Customer Support
Sreshtha Mohan Software Engineer
Patrick Villanueva Full Stack Developer
Yulia Kaya Motion Graphics Artist
Danish Iqbal Customer Support
Yatharth Khatri JavaScript Architect
Lale Aras QA