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What we do

Formed in 2008, Artbees is an independent digital company whose creatives are fascinated by visual perfection. We spot, track and then re-create best digital experiences across the web. We love and craft high-end design solutions, perfect user interfaces and seamless user experiences for a wide array of users Though We’re not bulky! We have specialties and fields of expertise:

Design Assets

Our first mission was to create high-quality design assets. The outcome was widely favored by the community and was featured in Smashing Magazine, Slodive, Hongkiat and many more.

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WordPress Themes

We craft cutting-edge WordPress themes which are loved and used by thousands of creative users from a wide range of sectors and skills. We tailor our every theme to meet a particular goal or a group of them.

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Icon Design

We are icon enthusiasts! From Applish skeumorphic awesomeness to minimal shady flats, we have filled up our portfolio with some of the best-in-kind icon sets through our icon career.

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We never get hands on the canvas before we fully reveal the best pathway ahead of us. We explore the trends, the major voices and the rivals towards a thorough understanding of the mission.


We map out the objectives, list the limitations and liberations, distill the goals, immerse into possibilities and deploy the project. All of which leads us to the secret formula to embrace.

User Friendly

We have six principles that come first: User is the focus, Think mobile, Beauty should not be compromised, Be fast or die, SEO is not a fashion term, Provide free support till hell freezes over.


We see through your eyes! We evaluate our themes by what you can create by it. We leverage the best practices, rock solid codes and top-notch aesthetics to guarantee the maximum customizability.


Jupiter Wordpress theme

KEN Wordpress theme

Lucidpress Wordpress theme


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Bees are granted the 'Power Elite Author' badge for their established reputation, overall quality, commitment to the market and the milestones they've hit in Envato Marketplaces where their products are currently being sold. Looking at the way we have come so far, we spotted some interesting numbers which might be worth a mention:


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Let's work on great ideas together. Here in our Istanbul office, we have wooden tables, Macs, pencils, Moleskine notebooks and cups of coffee you might have probably heard of! Start by saying hi to us :)

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