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10 Unbelievably Creative Uses of Artbees Themes Features

You see, an integral part of the Artbees Themes experience is preserving the autonomy, ingenuity and initiative of our customers and in order to do that we’ve worked tirelessly to integrate a large variety of features to be included and easily tweaked at our user’s disposal. Naturally, then, when we happen to come across the finished products of our Artbees Themes customers and find before us a beautifully crafted, sleek and functional website, our sense of gratification, and dare I say glee, pushes us to work even harder.

Discover the Potential Possibilities with the Artbees Themes

With over 50 templates to choose from, 100+ shortcodes and numerous tools and plugins at your fingertips, it may seem daunting to consider where to even begin. Although we offer different examples of how to use each element within each page of your site, sometimes it helps to see real live examples of what your other peers have managed to do on their respective websites to give you some ideas and help you jumpstart your website-building process. We’ll also share some useful tips about best website-building practices using Artbees Themes and uncover the underlying hierarchy in the land of shortcodes.

10 Top-Notch Websites Made Using The Ken or Jupiter

Here we’re proud to present 10 websites made by our very own talented Artbees Themes customers using either The Ken or Jupiter. Each website depicts different key features offered by one of the two themes. In reviewing each website and their various pages, we’ll point out how the combination of shortcodes and tools helped each individual attain a highly functional, informative and aesthetically polished website for their enterprise.

Brandon Marshall

Artbees Theme: Jupiter
Highlighted Features: Page Section & Blog and Portfolio Showcase

brandon marshall- artbees themes

Brandon Marshall is a Pittsburgh-born NFL football player and philanthropist from the Chicago Bears team. Using the Jupiter theme, Marshall’s athletic career, accomplishments and philanthropic ventures can all be featured on the same page using layered Page Sections, each using the Parallax Effect. He’s also included access to his blog and merchandise with a Blog & Portfolio Showcase. Particularly for public figures who are using their fame for a cause, using their most powerful weapon, their brand and face, is a Call to Action in itself. Page Sections are an easy and effective way of organizing and presenting content in a catchy and persuasive manner.


Artbees Theme: Jupiter
Highlighted Features: Portfolio & Page Section ft. video files

nimia- artbees themes

Nimia is one of the most all-encompassing footage rights management platforms in the market, facilitating the buying and selling of footage. Naturally then, it’s no surprise that they’ve uploaded a collage of videos in their first Page Section as an exhibit for their filmmakers’ works. Adding an image or video that captures the aim of your company to your leading Page Section will be a great first impression to prospective customers. Especially for showcasing a stock of great images and film, a Portfolio is a must as it best highlights the variety and quality of works available.

Space Chimp

Artbees Theme: Jupiter
Highlighted Features:Flip Box & Parallax Effect

spacechimp- artbees themes

Serving as a connecting point for a community of 500+ top tier creative and technical freelancers, Space Chimp aims to assist local businesses, brands and startups find great people to accomplish great work. Their website is packed with illustration all in Parallax Effect that is geared toward its wide audience of artists, designers, developers, and marketers. This feature really adds a professional and advanced appearance to your content as you scroll through. Additionally, Flip Boxes as shown here can be a perfect and fun feature to sort and display your products and services in an interactive manner.


Artbees Theme: Jupiter
Highlighted Features: Parallax Effect & Animated Column

synaptop- artbees themes

Synaptop has dissolved digital borders with their product which allows friends and colleagues to watch movies & TV, listen to music, play games or read books together online for real-time collaboration and quality time. Having used the Jupiter, Synaptop’s landing page is sleek and inviting. They used the Parallax Effect within the Page Section shortcode which makes for a smooth and engaging experience scrolling through their content which you’ll notice is simple, yet purposeful. Further down they have used Animated Columns with great typography and eye-catching icons to bucket their main products and services.


Artbees Theme: The Ken
Highlighted Features: Image Gallery & Pricing Tables

boxaplex- artbees themes

Boxaplex, located in West Hollywood, USA, is a home away from home for startups in LA looking for an environment with the technical and creative resources to help grow their enterprise. Having used The Ken for their site, Boxaplex used the Image Gallery shortcode to showcase their office space and orient their prospective customers with the culture of their environment. Towards the bottom of their page, they have outlined their various packages of services using the Pricing Table. For any companies trying to sell merchandise, combining the powers of the WOO Commerce plugin with the Pricing Table shortcode will allow customers to browse different pricing and services easily and make the purchase!

Anegis Consulting

Artbees Theme: The Ken
Highlighted Features: Tabs & Call to Action (CTA)

axdynamics- artbees themes

Anegsis Consulting provides strategy, maintenance and support for businesses in IT using Microsoft Dynamics AX. With The Ken theme, Anegsis Consulting achieved a balance of having a large amount of information on their landing page while keeping it organized and relevant. They were able to attain this by using the Tabs feature throughout the page which allowed them to divide and consolidate information in different sections on the same page. Additionally they included the a Call to Action (CTA) at the beginning of the page as well as at the end, inviting users to contact them and also read their blog and subscribe to newsletters.

Find My Car Mobile Application

Artbees Theme: Jupiter
Highlighted Features: Vertical Header & Page Sections

findmycar- artbees themes

The objective of this mobile app, Find My Car, is to allow users to automatically track their motion and the location of their car in the case that they’re unsure of their surroundings, lost track of where they parked or, in the worst case, have to find their car after it’s been towed. Useful idea, right? What the team at Find My Car included in their site to ensure that their business pitch took the spotlight was use a Vertical Header rather than a Top Header as well as a customized divided Page Sections which you’ll see in this case allows the site visitor to scan the information in an organic manner, scrolling through the content while still being able to make quick clicks to access pertinent information.

Truscribe, Science in Moving Messages

Artbees Theme: Jupiter
Highlighted Features: Sticky Header & Edge Slideshow

truscribe- artbees themes

Truscribe® Suite aims to provide for its customers a DIY solution to create their own whiteboard videos for tutorials and presentations regardless of their technical experience. You can see at the very top they’ve included a Sticky Header to keep their main menu in sight throughout the entire scrolling experience from top to bottom. Not only does this give a polished appearance aesthetically, it makes clicking through to your site’s other pages easier and more intuitive. Additionally, an Edge Slideshow shortcode allows for continuously changing and eye-catching images in the first page section as well as several opportunities to elaborate on what problems your product can solve for your customer and why it’s important.

Crowdster for Nonprofits

Artbees Theme: Jupiter
Highlighted Features: Icon Box & Portfolio

crowdster- artbees themes

Crowdster for Nonprofits is dedicated to enabling nonprofit organizations to raise money more efficiently with a low-cost online and mobile fundraising platform. This mission is clearly and loudly stated at first glance; scroll down a bit and the brightly colored and large Icon Boxes will come to the forefront of any visitors attention and immediately draw their mouse to the most important actions on their website. Further down they’ve showcased their previous projects and accomplishments with the Portfolio shortcode which reinforces Crowdster’s credibility to prospective customers. You may also consider the Testimonials or Clients shortcode to voice your customers’ experiences with you.

Pocket App Mobilising Business

Artbees Theme: Jupiter
Highlighted Features: LayerSlider, Clients & Icon Boxes

pocketapp- artbees themes

Providing services and consultation for application development, user interface enhancement, and mobile marketing, Pocket App builds fully integrated mobile solutions. A visitor to their site can immediately identify their services and specialty as they’ve used the LayerSlider shortcode combined with Icon Boxes to list each important branch of their business in a clearly outlined manner that’s easy to review for the reader. Scroll down and one can recognize their authority and expertise in this sector as they’ve used the Clients shortcode to display their collaborating partnerships and achievements with well-known and respected brand names.

Most Commonly Used Shortcodes and Features

After 30K+ websites have been designed using Artbees Themes, it’s become clear over time that there are a few shortcodes that stand above the rest in their popularity among our customers. You may want to keep these in mind while starting the website-building process for yourself as they have proven to create an attractive, sleek and inviting effect for our current users’ sites.

1. Page Section

Dont underestimate the Page Section shortcode; this function allows your to divide your content, and integrate shortcodes for word content or images within customized parameters set by you.

2. Fancy Title

Next up is your Fancy Title shortcode which helps you position your leading statements and services in the color and font of your choice. Use this shortcode to incorporate catch phrases and word content in each page section.

3. Image

Every website needs images that personalize and acquaint the visitor with the company culture and accessibility of your services and mission. Upload your own images into your Media Library and use them to make a unique impression to prospective customers.

4. Icon Box

Icon Boxes are a great way to cover different aspects, services or products offered by you all in the same place with easily recognizable illustrations that are interactive and more intuitive for visitors scanning your landing page.

5. Portfolio

Show your prospective customers your previous accomplishments using the Portfolio shortcode which allows you to post word and image content with animations, making it easy for visitors to swipe through or click on different works and projects.

Page Section, Row, Shortcode. Rinse & Repeat

Of course Artbees Themes has created a playground of sorts for you to let your creative prowess take off and build your website. There are, however, a few ground rules regarding shortcodes and how to use them that our Theme experts would like to share in the hopes of making your website creation process more fruitful for you.

Simply put, when building your website from scratch without a pre-existing template, repeating these three steps will help you immediately start organizing and shaping the layout of your content. First, add your page section and then within that page section add a Row which you can edit to be broken up as you’d like (two, three or four columns, etc.) and then insert your shortcode (i.e. Fancy Title, Icon Boxes, etc.). If you do this for each section of your page, you’ll find that the end result is much cleaner and easier for you to add content to and edit.

We hope the examples set forth by your fellow Artbees Themes peers will inspire and expand your vision for what’s possible to create using your Artbees theme. Keep our most commonly used shortcodes and tips in mind and you’ll have a functional, beautiful and impressive site before your eyes in no time!

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  1. Great article! All of the sites were very well done, but the Brandon Marshall site was amazing! Congrats to the designers and developers that worked on these.

    • @disqus_9Z41ERp8Jn:disqus Thanks so much! Yes, we’re proud to have such a talented customer base that always impresses us with their website creations! The site created for Brandon Marshall is a great example of how the Jupiter allows people to use their brand and name as a platform to raise awareness for a good cause. Go Jets!

  2. Loved this examples, can we have in the future this examples with the “under the hood” features applied and explained for some rookie guys like me?

    • @disqus_1G3og0tTbm:disqus Sure thing David! I’m glad to say we’ll be releasing some video tutorials in the next two weeks that walk you through, step by step, how to access, add and edit shortcodes and features including some of the ones discussed in this article. Keep a look out for us on our YouTube Channel:

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