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2019 in Review: Happy New Year to the Artbees Community

I’m happy that a new year is unfolding – but not because it’s the holiday season or it’s a fresh start. Frankly, I kinda hated 2019. In reviewing 2019, I’d say the past year was quite an overwhelmingly busy year for us at Artbees. But it was amazing to see how our hard work paid off tremendously. When I look back and see what we have achieved as a team, I can’t help but share with you exactly what I am very excited about:

29,000 websites created with Jupiter X in 2019. Mostly built with our pre-made templates

We released Jupiter X almost a year ago. And we immediately started providing pre-made templates (or demos) and reached more than 150 templates in less than 6 months. Now Jupiter X offers more than 250 templates. And these aren’t just any templates. For the first time on the market, we crafted these beautiful pre-made templates with the marketing best practices and customer conversion in mind. And – looking over our numbers in reviewing 2019 – it paid off. Our templates install rate was record-breaking during 2019. It involved a big chunk of the nearly 30,000 websites built by Jupiter in 2019 alone.

Stats 2019 in Review

Jupiter X on the path to perfection in 2019

It is almost impossible to avoid customers who are angry over the bug when releasing a new product. It just happens. You need time and of course a bit of luck to pass through this dangerous stage. We worked tirelessly, stayed up at night, released hundreds of bug fixes and improvements to make sure that Jupiter X is once again reliable like ever before. In the meantime, we also added numerous glamorous features.

  • Introduction of free Jupiter X Lite
  • Custom single and archive page
  • Custom post types
  • Gutenberg compatibility
  • Addition of more free plugins such as Jet Tabs, Jet Tricks, Jet WooBuilder, Jet Engine, and SmartFilters
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Donut plugin to migrate old WPbakery content to Jupiter X
  • German, Spanish and Turkish translations
  • And much, much more.
Templates 2019 in Review

2019 in Review: New products

I – along with two other crazy guys – founded Artbees as a freebie company! Maybe we were too naive back then, but even now that we sell some of our products, we have not forgotten our old dreams. We released two products, and they are both amazing. And yes, they are free too:


WunderWP 2019 in Review

WunderWP is an extremely useful plugin that allows you to save your Elementor widget styles, section or page designs on the Cloud and reuse them on other pages or websites. Moreover, a huge collection of ready-made styles and page designs are at your disposal. And we constantly pump our more beautiful designs. If you create websites using WordPress and Elementor, this is your Lightsaber! Just give it a try and see for yourself. Download it here for free.

audiosome 2019 in review

Most of the music online that has been composed skillfully is for sale. Copyright is also a serious issue – even when you are using music only for your homemade family video. It just sucks. And that is why we started a movement. It is called Audiosome, which is an insane and completely FREE music and audio collection. It is a community where artists and enthusiasts share their great works with others without charging a penny. It is also a place built upon trust and hope. Check this out now.

What is next?

After getting a comprehensive review of 2019 for Artbees, you’re probably wondering what’s next for us. Well, we’re not in the business of spoiling surprises. So I will be silent. But there is one thing we will never give up in the following year. The betterment of Jupiter X. Our focus remains on getting rid of anything that could be somewhat unpleasant with Jupiter X.

We need you

To deliver the best experience of building a WordPress website, we need your feedback. And we need it a lot. I assure you that anything you report whether it is a bug or improvement, is extremely valuable and will be immediately taken care of. Just tell us what annoys you or could be better. Here is how we can stay in touch if you are interested:

Jupiter X Facebook Group
Artbees on Twitter
Artbees on Facebook
Artbees on Instagram
Artbees YouTube Channel

Thank you for your support and wish you a Happy New Year on behalf of the Artbees team 😉

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Roozbeh Firoozmand

Roozbeh Firoozmand

Rouzbeh is Co-Founder and CEO at Artbees, where premium WordPress themes are crafted. Before starting Artbees, Rouzbeh worked with numerous clients and companies as a graphic and web designer. Rouzbeh is a non-stop illustrator, coffee and Buddha enthusiast too.

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