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Great Business Websites Built by Jupiter WordPress Theme

There are many Premium WordPress Themes available in the market that businesses can choose from. These themes take into consideration UI and UX so business owners can be sure that their site is optimized for their business.

Here’s a quick rundown of how UI and UX can help your business website. UI is in charge of the overall look and feel of a website. The whole point of UI is making sure that the website is presentable. Without it, possible customers might not be attracted to do business with you or worse, think that your business is not legitimate.

Now, what use is a website that’s visually stunning but lacks in good customer experience? This is where UX comes in. It contains all the the elements of how users get to interact with your site. With a good UX design, it can help customers feel at home and would give a high chance of that customer wanting to transact with your business again.

Here’s a list of business websites built by Jupiter WordPress theme:

Solum Service

Solum offers and performs services in the area of mounting photovoltaic panels, solar thermal collectors and heat pumps. Sometimes, it can’t be helped that some users have a slow internet connection. What’s nice about this website is that utilizes a fancy-moving loading screen that’s both eye-catching and true to its brand identity.



Part of the overall user experience to minimize loading time but if it comes to it, give them something they can appreciate while waiting for the next page to load.  All this, thanks to a mono color Home page (green) with Jupiter WordPress theme’s Parallax effect with activated Page Section at top, Icon Box and Client elements.

Bio-tech Distributions

Bio-Tech Distributions provides market research, market access, importation, sales promotion and other services for their partners in the cosmetic, medical device, medi-cosmetic, food, herbal products, food supplements and FMCG industries.



Their website is pretty straightforward. It’s one fluid page explaining who they are, what they do and how you can be their partner through Jupiter’s Page section with “Scroll To Bottom Arrow”.

Simplicity is key and this is certainly the concept that rules this business’ website. Scrolling through the site gives more information on what the business is and at the end of the trip, they hit you with the statement: Be Our Partner. Other Jupiter WordPress theme elements beautifully utilized by this website are Burger Menu, Side Dashboard, Half Page Section, Custom Box with Elevation Effect and Testimonial.

Trident Group

Trident Group is an IT company passionate about people. They have experienced teams of consultants, engineers and support staff who offer a rich source of business expertise for their clients and vendors to collaborate with.



Trident Group’s site is visually stunning with its mono-color homepage! With its yellow and black mix, your eyes will surely feast on the business’ page. The page owner himself amazingly modified and improved elements of News and Blog. Oh, and check out their Edge Slider and Icon Box!

The Trident Group website greets you with a scrollable header that showcases different things that the company and the site has to offer – from the latest news to more information about their services. It’s a great way for a potential customer to get to know them. Plus, there’s call and message buttons at the lower right so people can easily contact them if they have any questions or inquiries.


RevergeVR provides fully-managed custom solutions to simplify and empower your journey into Virtual Reality.



RevergeVR showcases their services right at the homepage, with the header section by Edge Slider + Parallax feature enabled. This is a good move as it instantly informs potential clients what you do, as well as the breadth of your services.

The homepage also features a segment where they can highlight any noteworthy articles and news about the company and the industry through the use of Jupiter elements Blog, Subscriber, and Divider. Towards the end, they ask site visitors to “Stay Connected” by placing in their email address.

Wrap Up

Utilizing how UX and UI should mix in any business site is important. For ease, you can check out Premium WordPress Theme that is available in the market. With the examples of business websites built by Jupiter WordPress theme above, you can take their strengths and merge them to make your own site – a simple layout, an easy-to-access message or call button, a scrollable header, a box to secure email addresses and a fun loading screen. All these and more make up for a good website that can attract potential customers to your business.


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Kimmy Maclang

Kimmy Maclang

Kimmy Maclang is a Content Marketing Writer that helps businesses improve their online presence and increase Google rankings. When she’s not writing, she spends time outdoors with her dogs or crochets. Her love for the arts and crafts led her to creating an e-commerce site for crochet and knitting supplies. Check out her newly launched website at

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