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How to Create Great Business Websites with Jupiter WordPress Theme? Learn from These 5 Real-life Examples!

Build a website that will address your business goals. Make it easy and fast for a visitor to make a purchase, ask for a quote, or book a service. Complement the aesthetic aspect with its functionality and vice versa. Fortunately, you don’t need coding skills to make all these happen. You can just use a Premium WordPress Theme that’s fully customizable. It will help you create a website which is tailored to your specific needs.

Here are 5 examples of how business websites with Jupiter WordPress Theme were created to inspire you to create your own.

  1.      Phunware

Phunware is a mobile application lifecycle management company. They help their clients build or enhance an app, acquire users, monetize an app, or promote a brand.



This website is cool and edgy; it represents their brand very well. This is one of those business websites with Jupiter WordPress theme that used Layer Slider for the header section quite effectively. They have also used a blog, image, and button elements from Jupiter. 

Their buttons are easy to recognize. The images are neat and emphasize their message.  They have also maximized their blog section. A blog is important for business websites to attract potential clients and spread awareness about the brand.

  1.      Apiomat

Apiomat is an app development company which offers app solutions whether the clients are digital beginners, innovators, or leaders. They offer frontend development, backend development, IT operations government, IT governance, and frontend analytics.



They have a beautiful multi-language Homepage with cool edge slider, images, and custom boxes. They have used CSS to make their homepage look more professional.  That is the beauty of using a ready-made template. It provides a backbone so you don’t have to build from scratch, but you can always tweak it to suit your preferences.

  1.      Simply Get Results

Simply Get Results is a SaaS software and services company. They provide algorithm driven insights that are actionable within a day to day operations. They also provide acceleration projects, workforce planning, and capability development.



They have used the gradient effect of page section which makes the page techier. Their footer looks more professional, social media savvy, and user-friendly with the integration of Twitter account and Sign-up form. They have used large cornered Buttons to make their CTAs more visible.


  1.      Curve

This company’s mission is to help clients easily collect, understand and act on user-data, so they can create a better customer experience and increase customers’ lifetime value. Their toolkit includes automated predictions, auto-tagging, marketing automation, and 3rd party integration.



They have used a modified header menu with Hover Style 4 and Social Network icons. They have also used Icon Box using an image, Flip Box, and Client Testimonial elements from Jupiter. All of these elements have improved the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the website. Client testimonials are great for business websites because they show social proof and they help build clients’ trust.


  1.      WorkWise

One of the products of Work Wise is the OnContact CRM software. The software provides sales automation, customer service, management, marketing automation, and mapping.



They have also used a layer slider in the header. They have a shape divider feature of Page Section, Parallax background, and an Edge Slider. All of these features from Jupiter have added to the modern vibe and user-friendliness of the website.



All these brands are thriving in their businesses because they have outstanding business websites with Jupiter WordPress theme that exhibit great design and functionality. They have tweaked and added to the features of Jupiter theme to make their websites in line with their brands and business goals.

Use these websites as your starting point so you can create the best one for your client needs. Remember, not all clients are the same. Always think of your target client when you are creating a website.

Every element must have a reason. Twitter integration is great if your clients hang out on Twitter. If not, then don’t bother placing it just because it’s cool. A great website is not just pretty; it has to be fully functional too.


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Kimmy Maclang

Kimmy Maclang

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