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5 Sites That Show Us How to Maximize A Design Agency Website Created by Jupiter WordPress Theme

This is especially so for digital agencies. What digital company does not have a website that showcases impeccable design and user interface? Here are 5 businesses that have applied Premium WordPress Theme from Jupiter to their site and see how they maximized it to align with their brand. Indeed, any design agency website created by Jupiter WordPress theme showcases what design is all about.

Nuno Martins Design

What They Do:

Provide information on the works and achievements of Nuno Martins

Their Website:

This design agency website created by Jupiter WordPress theme is a bit straightforward. Nuno Martins made the entire page his portfolio — it’s a fully sortable portfolio-based homepage. With a degree on Communication Design, Master in Multimedia Art and Ph.D. in Digital Media, it comes as no surprise that the site would be filled with his works and achievements.



The website has the key elements to push his business forward – portfolio, an about page and a contact form. Simple yet effective tools to help achieve his business objectives.

Labs.of Earl

What They Do:

Aligns with the client and transforms the business, its vision and objectives into digital form. Some of the services offered are website customization and implementation, visual brand and e-commerce solutions.

Their Website:

Labs.of Earl maintains a fun atmosphere all throughout the site. From the choice of words to the play of colors, you know that you will have a great time working with this business.



This design agency website created by Jupiter WordPress theme was designed using Jupiter’s Full Screen Navigation menu, transparent Page Section and Milestone elements. You’ll be greeted with what they have to offer and scrolling down would give you more idea about the business – that they have 100% client satisfaction rating, 15 years of experience and potential clients can save up to an average of 75% on costings.

To push things further, they also dedicated a Frequently Asked Questions tab so people would have more idea about the business.

Hi Studio

What They Do:

A creative agency that is focused on branding and digital design. Services include logo design, brand identity and website development among others.

Their Website:

They used a combination of a simple header section built by Edge Slider and their Portfolios, resulting to a dynamic site. What’s great about this design agency website created by Jupiter WordPress theme is that it has three languages – English, Russian and Czech — a great way to attract a wide set of customers. Each language carries the same look and feel to for consistency. The use of 2 columns portfolios resulted in a bigger, eye-catching portfolio section – important traits if you’re trying to get new clients.



At the bottom of the homepage is a number and an email address one can contact if they’d like to do business with Hi Studio. Another nice tool present in their website is the quick chat button at the lower right corner of the website. All in all, this business means business.

GP Interactive

What They Do:

With more than 10 years of experience in the market, GP Interactive provides fast and effective global solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

Their Website:

This design agency website created by Jupiter WordPress theme has a scrollable header, built by Full-height Edge Slider, which has a preview of what the next photo will be – a fun way of execution that not all agencies do. They used Jupiter elements such as Animation Columns, Portfolio, Icon box using Image feature (instead of just Icon), Testimonial, Clients and Contact Form element.



GP Interactive’s website is simple yet effective. Why? Because they greet you with highlights and when you scroll down, you’ll have a glimpse of their services. A few more scrolling and their recent projects will amaze – from the number of actual projects to the implementation itself.

Also present in the homepage are the company’s thought process and testimonials from happy clients! A sure way to entice potential customers to messaging them.

Milk and Sugar Design

What They Do:

Passionately produces engaging branding, web, and print design.

Their Website:

Milk and Sugar Design agency website created by Jupiter WordPress theme is a feast for the eyes. They effectively leveraged Jupiter’s multitude of features including Edge Slider with “Stroke Pagination”, “Scroll To Bottom Arrow” and “Content Animation”, Icon box using Image feature (instead of Icon), and Portfolio, to name a few.



With multiple colors and beautiful buttons and fonts playing around but with a base of white, it feels refreshing and nice to look at! The flow of the homepage is simple – it greets you with case studies then moves on to the company’s main business statement which should be enough for you to hit them up with a message.

If you’re still not convinced, they’ll share with you their toolbox and some of the work they’ve done in the past. Clean looking but a very powerful website overall. Check out their creative footer packing widgets at right and left corners.


Wrap Up

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a good website. Balancing UI and UX is not an easy task but with enough experimenting, you’ll get the hang of it. Aside from this, you can also utilize Premium WordPress Theme from Jupiter to be your backbone for the website of your business! A little tweaking and you’ll be meeting your business objectives in no time.


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