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[Giveaway] Simple Yet Powerful: Free App Webpage Template

Good things come to those who wait. And when they finally come, don’t you just want that good thing to last for a long time? Like your favorite brand always on promo or a giveaway that lasts forever? Well, you don’t need to look any further! Artbees is offering a free App webpage template. Now that’s a good thing you sure wouldn’t want to go away.

App is the newest webpage template of Jupiter that’s out on the market. And to celebrate this, a free App webpage template is being rolled out so everyone can have access and enjoy the features and awesome elements of Jupiter. It’s new, it’s free and the giveaway is forever – a deal you surely should not miss!

App comes in a very simple one-page template that has a full cover background which you can easily change when you want to. It also has a transparent header without any navigation menu to distract website visitors. If you are looking into a very minimalist and simple approach on how you want to present your application, software or any product for that matter, App is for you.



This free App webpage template is suitable for anyone who has a taste for a website that is simple yet powerful – capturing audience’s eyes without taking away from the product being featured. If you are looking for a straightforward concept or aesthetic for your site, then App is the perfect Jupiter template for you. It’s easy to use and can very much compliment the web or mobile app you’re featuring.

Developers and programmers who have their own applications or software to showcase would greatly benefit from this free App webpage template. Remember, App is a simple yet powerful theme which could be used to the advantage of the website owner. Put your software or app on the frontlines with a webpage that highlights your USP instead of fancy aesthetics that don’t contribute to your bottom line.

With a readily customisable one-page template powered by a full cover background, site owners can focus more on how they can feature the product rather than pore over the design of the site. Ease and power are in your hands with this free App webpage template.

Download the PSD files today so you can enjoy the awesome elements of the App template. Thinking about it? Well, it’s free and it has useful features to suit your business or product. These should be enough to get you clicking that download button and start setting up your site with the newest template from Jupiter.

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To enjoy more than 160 advanced templates that are already coded with the highest standards, download Jupiter WordPress Theme!

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***Important Note: Artbees free templates cannot be sold or distributed as it is — only derivative works for end users can be sold.

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Kimmy Maclang

Kimmy Maclang

Kimmy Maclang is a Content Marketing Writer that helps businesses improve their online presence and increase Google rankings. When she’s not writing, she spends time outdoors with her dogs or crochets. Her love for the arts and crafts led her to creating an e-commerce site for crochet and knitting supplies. Check out her newly launched website at

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