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FREE Dress Shop PSD Webpage Template Giveaway by Artbees Set To Win the Runway

No sweat on your part as this FREE Dress Shop PSD webpage template giveaway is now up for grabs and anybody can use it to build a one-page website.

You will also be downloading photoshop files, and not the coded ones. Since you won’t be shedding money on this one, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re a fashion entrepreneur or an e-commerce store that sells clothing apparel, you’re just now a click away from creating an amazing website for your business!

It’s absolutely simple and easy to understand.

Online shopping has now become the trend mostly for those looking for utmost shopping convenience. Thus, the challenge on getting more customers to visit your page gets tremendously intense by the day. That’s where the importance of having an all-in-one website comes in.

This FREE Dress Shop PSD webpage template giveaway is a simple, two-column, one-page website built by the Almighty Shop Customizer and few modified single products. Although the template contains no shop elements of Jupiter, it uses a default WooCommerce shop page which has been modified by their own shop customizer.



The entire white background and the size of the photos in the shopping section allow customers to better discern the products, including the price that fits their budget. The landing page also portrays a professional vibe, which crucial for online stores. In instances like this, people tend to be very meticulous because it’s their money that’s at stake.

Most importantly, looking into the details, the website template is filled with all the simple and essential elements combined together to give the best customer experience and acquire higher trust rating and conversion.

Who should try this?

For fashion and other online stores that sell a variety of clothing apparel, this one is definitely a good choice. The elements are all available and you’ll spare yourself from creating everything from scratch. Aside from that, having a free and a competitive design both rolled into one is undoubtedly a wise investment.


Online shoppers love to see simple and uncomplicated shopping websites! Therefore, you can expect Jupiter’s FREE Dress Shop PSD webpage template to top the runway of your industry very soon. Now that you’ve got a glimpse of this Dress Shop template, don’t forget to download it here!

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To enjoy more than 160 advanced templates that are already coded with the highest standards, download Jupiter WordPress Theme!

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***Important Note: Artbees free templates cannot be sold or distributed as it is — only derivative works for end users can be sold.

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Kimmy Maclang

Kimmy Maclang

Kimmy Maclang is a Content Marketing Writer that helps businesses improve their online presence and increase Google rankings. When she’s not writing, she spends time outdoors with her dogs or crochets. Her love for the arts and crafts led her to creating an e-commerce site for crochet and knitting supplies. Check out her newly launched website at

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