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[Giveaway] Make the Celebration Extra Special With this FREE Event Webpage Template

Are you an event-organizer who wants to have a booming event? The Jupiter free Event webpage template might just be the answer. An exciting and handy website is a powerful way to get word out about a special occasion.  

We are giving away a series of free templates in Photoshop files. This time, the theme is EVENT, and it’s free for everyone! This is not a contest so there are no difficult steps for you to get the template. Anyone can easily grab the template anytime. There won’t be a deadline. Anybody can use it to create a website.

Let’s delve into the details of the template.

Key Features:

You can easily show the key people like speakers or orators for the event using this free event webpage template. In this template, the designers are showcased. We used the Employee shortcode twice in different styles so you can show two groups of people. This layout is unusual for a one-page site as this element is usually utlised in sub-pages.

There is a direct access for visitors to Contact Form + Newsletter sign up section for visitors to join with more ease; unlike the usual format of having the contact form in the Contact pages.

Important used elements:

We used a countdown shortcode to add more excitement to the event. It also gives a useful quick information and a sense of urgency to the visitors.

Jupiter’s free event webpage template used multiple buttons to increase the chances of visitors inquiring or joining. There is a button within the header image so the visitor can join at once after seeing the title.

The pictures with details are good social proof to add enticement to event participants. Adequate room for details is added below. In case the visitor has more questions, she can easily shoot it up with the direct contact form on the homepage.



Use Cases:

Event organizers can benefit most from this template. At this age, nothing will make event-organizing breezier than a well-done website. It makes you more professional and makes it easier for you to find participants. This template will give your event a hip start.

Any business or profession which needs an event or ceremony can also use this template. Are you assigned to organize your company’s upcoming event? Impress your boss and colleagues by building a website using this template.

You can also grab this template for your personal use. You can use this for any occasion you can think of. Just tweak it a bit to transform it to suit your event. Having a website will make your organizing smoother. You can place every detail in it so that everyone can easily access them.


This free event webpage template is not easy to find because we made it extra special to suit various events. But, we’re giving it away for free!

An amazing event starts with a great website. Launch your event in a striking way with this stunning template. It’s easy to use and fully customizable to fit your event. Download the landing page template now. Use it and watch your number of participants grow!


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***Important Note: Artbees free templates cannot be sold or distributed as it is — only derivative works for end users can be sold.

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