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Enjoy A Free Event Website Template From Jupiter Today!

March is the perfect time to start planning out your events. Whether you’re putting together a social, professional, or corporate event, mapping them out for this year is an important task. Why? Because it gives you enough time to prepare for each one – which, to be honest, is crucial. If you don’t get to prepare well for your activities, it might turn out as a bad experience for you and your guests.

Get half the job done with a complete and easy-to-access website where all information about your event can be found! With a website, all you have to do is share the link and let attendees come flocking to your event.

The website link can be a powerful tool for advertising as well. You can use it for ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With this link, you can have the opportunity to really shout out loud the event you’re working so hard to prepare.

All this talk about setting up a website might be a bit daunting, but we have good news to share. We have an ongoing giveaway that everyone can enjoy. Our free Event website template is now available for you!

Free Event Website Template for Jupiter X

Event has a charming mono-color theme that’s easy on the eyes and very straightforward. All details about your event are there so your guests and patrons can quickly find the information they need.

Features include:

  • Transparent header and anchored menu items
  • Eye-catching elements with sharp blue buttons
  • Pricing table
  • Skill meter
  • Advanced Google Map elements
  • Image gallery
  • Clients or guest list
  • Schedule
  • Tabs with tables (perfect for data presentation)
  • Employee area

With this free Event website template for Jupiter X, you’ll surely attract the eyes and attention of your site visitors.

Where You Can Use Event Website Template

Seminars and Trade Shows

This free Event website template is perfectly suitable to use for seminars. You can kick things off with a captivating header and you can drill down on the other details after.

Some ideas you can play around with:

  • Showcase the past number of attendees – you can show a nifty table for this one
  • You can present all the speakers for your events
  • Highlight your partner hotels or merchants – a great way to sell sponsorship packages

This is one template to put your hands on, so download today and enjoy this free event website template for Jupiter X!


Whatever activity you might have in mind – journaling, pottery, poetry or painting – the flexibility of Event can surely put a bright spotlight on your event. The clean design of this template will surely be a great hit to site visitors, plus the element where you can display the ticket prices and image gallery of past workshops can really be a great hook for those who interact with your brand for the first time.

free Event website template Full Page

Wrap Up

To be real with you guys, Event is quite flexible, so much so that you can use it for any of your events. The best thing about it is that it’s in PSD format, so you can easily change the color theme or elements to match the color scheme of your brand or event.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on through and enjoy this free Event website template giveaway from your Artbees Team!

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To enjoy more than 160 advanced templates that are already coded with the highest standards, download Jupiter WordPress Theme!

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***Important Note: Artbees free templates cannot be sold or distributed as it is — only derivative works for end users can be sold.

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