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Have Fun with This Free Gamer Webpage Template from Artbees

Gaming has slowly penetrated the lives of people in different ways. We have console, mobile, and PC games where everyone spends countless hours to beat their current level and get to the next one.

For both game creators, avid fans, and players, it’s a certain form of escape that allows them to take themselves away from the stress of the real world. Are you a budding game developer? Well, good for you! Go chase your dreams. Build your game world, characters and system well so people can enjoy your game.

But, let’s just jump ahead for a bit. Yes, you have your game. Yes, you have a good concept. Yes, things are going well. But you always find yourself answering the same questions when people ask about your game. Worse, people don’t know about your game. 

There’s a great way to solve this! Go ahead and make a website for your game. This comes with a lot of perks.

  • You do not have to keep repeating yourself to people when they ask questions about your game.
  • It’s a great way to market your game
  • A website legitimizes your game — it’s now a product that’s out in the market.

We know that this might be a bit daunting for you, but trust us, this move can help you big time! Good thing we have a free Gamer webpage template that you can download anytime. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to find out how you can get your hands on this Gamer template.

About the Free Gamer Webpage Template

Gamer is a simple but rich and dynamic one-page template with large and colorful photos in the background to captivate the site visitor. This design is also equipped with a countdown timer to announce any important news about your game like new patch releases, updates, and more.

It also has an image gallery so people will have a better idea of the world you’ve built and discover how they can navigate through the levels. It also has revolution slider elements so you can highlight the best aspects of your game.

You can also feature the main classes or characters of the game so people will be drawn to the story behind the game. It’s also a great space to include some videos so they can familiarize themselves with the gameplay. In short, this free Gamer webpage template is great for showing off the game you’ve so tirelessly built.

free Gamer webpage template Full Page


There are a lot of ways you can utilize the free Gamer webpage template. One way is to announce the release of your game. Accompanied by beautiful photos and an immersive storyline, you can be sure that your website will be a hit in the gaming industry!

You can announce when the game will go live or you can provide your followers with information about your pre-order process!

Special In-game Events

Once you have successfully launched your game and you have a solid community celebrating the greatness of your game, you can announce special in-game events through this website. You can also re-activate your countdown timer so people will know when to expect new game updates, patches, or sequels.

With special in-game events, you can bring inactivate players back into your world and excite new players about the world you continuously improve. Whatever strategy you have in mind, this free Gamer webpage template is for you!

Download it now!

What are you waiting for? Get this free Gamer webpage template today!

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***Important Note: Artbees free templates cannot be sold or distributed as it is — only derivative works for end users can be sold.

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