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Important Digital Marketing Principles for WordPress: 5 Jupiter Templates That Show It All

Effective web design is your holding element for visitors to stay long enough to eventually be converted into an actual paying customer. Website design and development must be congruent with the key Digital Marketing Principles for WordPress to attract, engage, and delight your potential customers.

1. Consistency in Brand Personality

The look and feel of your website should reflect your brand. It should clearly communicate what your organization or business is all about. The inconsistency of the website’s aura to your brand might confuse or turn off your visitors. Think of your favorite businesses and brands – they all have a specific vibe and impression in your mind, yours should too!

2. Customer Centricity

Every part of your website should revolve around your customer. Consider what is appealing and convenient to your customer, not to you. What content is most useful and interesting to your customers? What actions need to be the most streamlined for them? That’s what your website needs to answer in its design.

3. Optimum User Experience

A good website is simple and easy to navigate. The format should be easy to understand and icons must be straightforward and universally recognizable. Your aim should be to gradually convert your visitors into leads. Your website needs to be results-oriented so every component should have a connection to the goals of your website. Ask yourself, what are the goals of your website? What information do you want your visitors to take away and what actions do you want them to take?

4. Responsiveness and Mobile Readiness

Visitors should be able to easily reach you through your website. Upon landing on your website, they should immediately see how to contact you. Your website must also be readily accessed through mobile to reach more potential clients.

5. SEO friendliness

SEO is the bloodline of digital marketing. Every piece of content on your website should be SEO friendly to keep your bloodline flowing and attract your target audience to your website. This takes consistent and planned efforts though; in a previous blog post, SEO Consultant and Jupiter WordPress user Adam Binder lists the many ways you can start making your website more SEO-friendly.

6. Shareable in Social Media

All contents of your website should be shareable across different social media platforms. A viral content in social media has the power to take your business to greater heights. To help illustrate our point, we’ve chosen 5 Jupiter templates that effectively demonstrate the digital marketing principles we’ve mentioned.

5 Jupiter Templates That Demonstrate Digital Marketing Principles

1. Kale

This template is perfect for a creative studio website. It gives off an artistic impression which is consistent with the brand personality. The portfolio page makes it easy for a visitor to browse art pieces in a slideshow or grid and the design is customer-centered and provides an optimum user experience. The different pages can be easily navigated and regardless of how many images and videos you share, by taking the following steps you can ensure that your images will be optimized for fast loading time.

When opened with a mobile or tablet device, you can see that the screen adjusts well so that users can view the various creations. It’s important that there is ample space for fingers to easily tap buttons to ensure optimum user experience.

2. Hercle

Hercle is the ideal template for extreme sports. It represents the brand and reflects the interests and attitude of the target audience; what feel do you get when you look at this landing page? Ready to breathe in crisp, fresh mountain air and feeling energized?

Here, you can understand the power your website has to take your visitor to a specific mindset that helps them envision and crave what you have to offer. Once you’ve decided you’re ready for a hike, the format is easy to understand and the icons are straightforward which provides optimum user experience and action. The template is crafted to be able to successfully convert visitors into leads.

3. Feretrius

This template is made for practitioners of yoga, but the concepts demonstrated can really be applied to any type of website. What I want to highlight here is how easy it is for a visitor to share content on social media because there is an easy-to-spot social sharing icon. Particularly for participatory services like classes, events, and gatherings, you want to make it easy for your visitors to spread the word to their friends. Also note that the colors, design, and graphics are centered on the target viewers – yoga enthusiasts.

4. Herse

Herse is a great template for presenting and selling different stocks and specialty items, in this case perfumes. A consumer can easily browse the product descriptions and prices, view discounts and promotions and proceed to the checkout. On top of that, you can get real-time impressions from your customers by adding the ‘like’ buttons to each item; this can help gauge which items to highlight or discount. These subtle features combined with properly placed CTAs can easily convert visitors to customers.

5. Danae

Using a Danae template for a restaurant will help the business grow. The design is complete with all the elements needed for a food related website. The Danae template is most commonly used for restaurants, bakeries and cafes and for good reason. If you take a look at this template, it includes the main storylines and information most food establishments want to share with their patrons.

You can see the story of why they started, the concept behind their food and service, pictures of the dining environment and kind of people that frequent their space, menus with pricing, and, of course, mouth-watering images that create a grumble in the visitor’s stomach. You can also easily contact someone working there which digital marketing studies have found to be a preferred features for visitors to connect directly and immediately.

Stay on top of your digital marketing practices.

Strategic and targeted content marketing is the ace player in today’s digital marketing game. Sharing valuable content through blogging will attract more visitors to your website, gain popularity for your brand and eventually increase your sales. The value of blogs in increasing SEO are obvious and so the Jupiter website templates we’ve created each have a blog page to provide businesses with a space that can maximize the value that content marketing brings.

The designers behind Jupiter understand the importance of marketing to any business so we created templates that amplify a business’ marketing efforts and try to help guide you to the right direction. You can future-proof your business by making sure that your website demonstrates the vital elements of digital marketing. Online marketing is all about thinking about the client first, something we’ve kept in mind while designing all of our templates.     

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Kimmy Maclang

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