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How We Managed to Improve our Customer Support in 10 Months

Whether you’re a new customer or a loyal one, we try to improve our services every single day. We constantly try to learn and figure out how best we can serve you so you’ll have a great customer experience.

Based from what we’ve gathered, having a solid team and having everyone’s mind set on the fact that we need to satisfy our customers are crucial points to make sure that we can offer superior customer service.

We recently conducted a survey to check if our services has indeed improved over the past months. This is a way to counter check that all our efforts are getting the desired effect. To have a basis for the study, we asked 304 participants to join our survey last March 2017. Below is a summary of the results.



Participators 304
Total Support Votes 28
Promoters 6
Detractor 13
Net Promoter Score -7


Last January 2018, we conducted the same survey across 1,747 participants and below are the results.



Participators 1,747
Total Support Votes 35
Promoters 23
Detractor 3
Net Promoter Score +20


As you can see, the Total Support Votes, Promoters, and Net Promoter Score all saw an increase. We’re really happy that with all the efforts we put out to improve our customer service, it all worked out well.

The Total Support Votes increased by 25% while the Promoters saw a 283% increase. Stunning figures after everything we’ve done. It’s also great to note that our Net Promoter Score saw a 27 point increase, skyrocketing our rating to a great +20 score. It’s still far from where we want to be but it’s already a great leap for all the hardwork our team has been putting in to make your experience more fluid.

The number of Detractors decreased by 76.92%, showing that people who’s not satisfied with their customer experience decreased significantly over the course of 10 months. It’s really heartwarming to see such results and we’re really happy that everyone in the team is doing their best to provide you guys with the best customer support we can give.

Here’s a rundown of how we were able to improve customer support in the span of 10 months.

Strengthening Teamwork

We continuously try to build a strong team. As Mohsen stated, by building a strong collaboration among agents, each one can easily be updated about the latest trends and issues among customers.

Being open to communicating with each other helps get issues solved and a lot of things are addressed in the quickest time possible.

Addition Of Live Chat Function



With the addition of the live chat function, getting in touch with support is now quick and easy. If you are a VIP user, You no longer have to look for an e-mail address or go through the task of creating a ticket for your issue. This is an update that Tatyana feels helped us improve customer support in the past months.

Focused On Resolving The Problem

We want our customers to feel that they’re talking to real people. We want them to understand that what we offer is more than your average automated replies.

As per Tatyana, our agents try their best to fully grasp the issue at hand so they would know how best to resolve it. As much as possible, we try to lessen the transferring of our customer from one department to another.

Active Engagement In Social Media



Some of our queries come from our social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We saw this as an opportunity to better our services. Our agents took care of the questions being filed via our support desk and are actively engaging themselves on social media at the same time.

Genuine Care Towards The Support Agents

The culture of providing excellent service should start from within. We are always on the lookout to satisfy our agents. It is our belief that only a satisfied agent can bring about satisfied customers.

We respect each other’s requirements and try to make each team satisfied with the kind of work they do everyday. We believe this is an integral part of the overall success we’ve obtained so far.

Integration Of A Live Monitoring System

Alex believes that we have high respect for customer’s feedback. We continuously seek them out. Whether it be through an e-mail survey, or a form in the control panel page in the WordPress Dashboard, we welcome and appreciate the feedback you have to say about our services.

Increasing The Number Of Support Agents

Each day, we receive a lot of issues and we’re more than happy to help you out! To address the increasing number of workload, we have also added new members to our team so we could provide better and quicker service. We’re really glad that this is happening so we can tend to more customers at the same time

Increasing Activity On Community Forums



Some customers seek help via the community forums. Even if it’s not out formal helpdesk platform, we decided to add more agents there so that it can have a fresh and active environment. We believe that this is a good way to continuously reach out to those in need.

Steady Build-up of a 24/7 Support

We’ve mentioned that we started adding agents to cater to the increasing demand. With this, we are inching one step closer to having a 24/7 support for all our customers. We understand that we have patrons from different time zones so we are gearing up by employing agents from different time zones as well so there’s always someone available to help you out.

There is a study where it is mentioned that 33% of customers recommend a brand that provides a quick response over a quality one. Maybe it’s a way for people to know that their concern has been read and addressed, albeit a band-aid solution type.

Team Involvement During Development Sprint

It has become a rule among our team that new changes to theme updates will have to be shared with everyone months before it is released. This is to give time to everyone so they can be familiar with the changes. Our Support Manager spends hours to orient everyone every development sprint so all our agents can be looped in. One such example was for the Shop Customizer where we got to teach it to the agents six months before it went live.

Improvement Of The Bug Report Workflow

Not all bug reports will be resolved immediately. But to make processes more fluid, we have identified the most annoying bugs and put it into the current as soon as we receive a report. For emergencies, we try to provide a quick fix first to address the issue. Constantly doing this, we believe that we can improve customer support for everyone.

Provision Of Educational And Helpful Content

Our blog has been a way for us to share content. We’ve also used it as an extension to help our customers out. We create tutorial articles and useful blog posts that are available to all users. We try to make it easy for everyone to find solutions to their concerns.

Wrap Up

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve customer support. We believe that having satisfied customers is necessary to achieve the growth we desire. It’s our pleasure to hear what you, our customer, has to say about our services. Help us improve customer support! If you have any suggestions or if you want to share any past experience, just drop a comment at the section below and we’d greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to your stories!

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