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How Jupiter Shop Customizer and Wix Compare in Shop Customizability

Shop Customizer: Jupiter vs Wix

Jupiter Shop Customizer and Wix are ecommerce website tools that helps businesses improve the online shopping experience of their customers. In this article, we’ll compare the different customizability features of Jupiter Ecommerce in terms of customizing your online shop.

Ecommerce shows no signs of slowing down. Every year, companies like Amazon prove that online shopping is an ever-growing industry. That’s why businesses need to adapt to consumer demands for a better user experience.

Customizing your user’s online shopping experience is highly crucial in today’s evolving consumer behavior. To help businesses adapt to the new trends in ecommerce, Jupiter has created a shop customizer that makes it easier than ever to design ecommerce websites and online shops without needing to learn complex lines of code.

A shop customizer is helpful in ensuring that your ecommerce website stays up-to-date and fresh. It also enables you to completely personalize the look and feel of your online shop to match your brand personality and company culture. A dynamic shop customizer shows no signs of slowing down. Every year, companies like Amazon prove that online shopping is an ever-growing industry.

That’s why businesses need to adapt to consumer demands for a better user experience. Ecommerce will also help you adjust the user experience of your website based on the nature of your business and the products you sell.

  1. Product List

The Product List gives shoppers an overview of your inventory. It’s the first thing shoppers see on your online shop, so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s customized so your visitors can scroll your site without straining their eyes. More importantly, a customized product loop can help your user identify your brand from competitors and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

The most common elements included in the Product List are the name, image, price, and average rating of a product.



Jupiter shop customizer and Wix both have the basic features for creating a Product List easily. That said, while you can customize the Product List with Wix, you’re a bit limited to editing the box borders. Also, you can’t modify the rating icons, if for instance you want to match the style to the theme of your shop. There’s also no option to insert an ‘add to cart’ button in the product list that can allow shoppers to skip going to the product page if they want to add an item to cart.

Because of that, Jupiter wins this round by a small margin.

  1. Product Page

The product page shows every information about a certain product that can help the shopper decide if she really wants to make a purchase.

Since the product page is considered the “meat” of your online shop, it’s only proper that you customize the layout as intuitively as possible so that even if there’s a lot of information on the page, the shopper can still navigate with ease.



With Jupiter, you can add more elements such as a lightbox, sidebars, categories, and star ratings. But, these features are not available with Wix. Jupiter also allows you to adjust the padding or spacing between elements, whereas this is not possible with Wix.

Again, Wix gives the basic features that allow sellers to easily create a beautiful Product Page. But Jupiter has a few more tricks up its sleeve–aside from the basic settings, it also allows you to upsell related products to shoppers. This is highly useful if you want to further boost the sales of a bestseller product.

  1. Cart and Checkout

The Cart and Checkout page allows shoppers to easily manage the items in their cart, and add or remove items as they wish.

Because the Cart and Checkout page is where shoppers input their payment information, it should be designed as simple and transparent as possible. That way, there’s less chance of shoppers doing accidental purchases that end up costing your business.



Both Jupiter shop customizer and Wix allow sellers with default user interfaces for the Cart and Checkout page. But, Jupiter takes it up a notch as it allows you to craft your own cart and checkout page layout and interface. Jupiter also has an extra setting that allows you to show thumbnails of products, which could improve your checkout process, depending on your layout. On the other hand, you can’t customize the boxes in these pages with Wix.

  1. Mega Menu

The Mega Menu is a power feature for shops that want to organize their products into more specific categories. This feature allows you to nest submenus into the main menus, which can give your shop more structure if you have a lot of items.



Wix completely forgoes this feature in line with its simpler interface. For those who need this setting, Jupiter allows you to add Mega Menus and even add a custom background image to enhance the user experience. You can even add a CTA button to your mega menu to encourage shoppers to purchase an item you’re upselling or to simply ask them to sign up to your newsletter.

You may need some basic knowledge of CSS styles if you want to fine-tune your backgrounds.

  1. Widget Styles

Widgets are located in the sidebar of your online shop and give shoppers added functionality. Some common examples of widgets are search bars, product portfolios, categories, etc.

Jupiter shop customizer and Wix both allow you to add widgets to your shop, but Jupiter offers more customization settings, such as changing the boxes and dividers.


Online shopping is poised to become more mainstream, and customer expectations are rapidly increasing. Online retailers who don’t meet the new shopping experience standards may see a slump in their sales and lag behind their competitors.

Optimizing the customer’s online shopping experience on your website is essential to the growth of your e-commerce business, and customizing your online store is the most fundamental step.

Both Jupiter shop customizer and Wix are great tools that make it easy for designers and entrepreneurs to easily create stunning and customizable websites for their online shops.

That said, if you’re not picky with prebuilt templates and basic settings, then Wix is for you. But if you’re a power user who values customizability, Jupiter shop customizer gives you the freedom to really make your website your own.

Check out this video to see the Jupiter Shop Customizer in action!

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