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Modern Website Design Trends in 2019

What’s trending on the web today is likely to be forgotten tomorrow. When thinking about building a website, many business owners are afraid due to the sheer number of modern website design trends to follow. You need to learn the rules of this game so that your website is in tip-top shape and has enough conversion.

What is a “modern website design trend” in 2019?

First, let’s look at what a modern website trend is. The trend reflects the changes taking place in the web society. Also, it’s an indicator of development. What doesn’t develop dies.

Web design trends come and go in circles. As time progresses, web design trends and development technologies directly impact what we consider “good” and “bad” in website building. The truth is that presently web is at the point where web design is not limited by technology.

Today, we can do pretty much everything we might want to do on the web. And the future of web design is no longer about what we can do, rather, what we should do to design websites that result in positive experiences for users.

How do Design Trends Appear

What are your thoughts about how web design trends appear? Well, some believe that web designers gather secretly at night to create something extraordinary. Others think the thoughts of web designers are intuitively the same. At last, the third option states that web designers have a predicted forecasting team who predict the future “needs & wants” of consumers.

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with any of these options. One thing is certain here: each web design trend goes a long way until the moment when web design professionals are bound to use it.

Think of a trend as the general direction that the web market is taking during a specific period of time. The time for a trend to appear may take longer than predicted or it may not even become a trend at all.

Typically, web design trends are not something that changes within a few weeks. Instead, they evolve gradually, making it easier for web designers to find the most creative way to implement them. Many trends are cycled by nature, some of them come and go, while others are here to stay. And those web designers who know the difference between a fleeting fad and a real trend are the ones who create web products that compel us to admire and take action.

Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2019-2020 (with Examples)

So, what are the top design trends for 2019-2020? Well, by looking across the high-predictable and high-impact modern web design trends, it’s worth highlighting the top 5 web design trends for 2019-2020.

Custom Three-Dimensional Looks

It seems 3D designs are everywhere right now. The fame of fabulously flat designs is gone. Today, web designers are looking to add depth and realism to graphics with only one purpose: to breathe life into your projects by embracing 3D elements. Having proved itself as a quite stable and persistent modern web design trend for the last few years, 3D needs to be high up on your list.

Sometimes web designers use 3D designs as windows to another world. Especially, when they need to define the contrast between two worlds – the digital and physical ones. MakeReign, a digital design studio website, is an ample example of that. It has earned multiple awards, including Awwwards Site of the Day and FWA of the Day.

Modern Website Design Trends Make Reign

Sometimes web designers use 3D designs to create the world around you. They can even construct new environments and dimensions to let you enjoy AR and VR experiences on a go.

Some creative web designers go even further. They go outside the box and create imaginary spaces full of surreal and abstract elements. The playful and cartoon nature of a Pitch website is the best illustration of that.

At last, 3D design confidently takes its place in the world of typography. New eye-catching 3D typefaces pop off the page and are part of the main design. Often, some web designer pros use 3D typography as a go-to tool to improvise. They sometimes do this to create a whole new world you need to overdo.

Modern Website Design Trends Arche68

In the above image, you can see letters constructed of blocks and machine parts in bold colors that are extra punchy in 3D. The object smoothly emerging from nowhere makes you stop and focus attention on it.

When you visit the Arche68 website, you’ll be impressed with its outstanding design that has nothing in common with fashion. In fact, it takes some clicking to discover their purpose (hint: they sell fashion accessories). Yet, it’s one of the many fashion websites that opt for a wilder approach with bold typography that creates an innovative, eye-catching design.

More Vibrant Bright Colors

Vibrant, vivid colors will continue to be trendy in 2019-2020. This time, get ready for even more bright and striking colors. Standard website elements are long gone. Today, more original, creative and vibrant designs are making waves. As a result, the overall design feels more futuristic. Thus, mesmerizing and out-of-this-world designs of Spotify or Elje captivate at first sight. All-in-all, a bright color is everywhere.

Modern Web Design Trends Spotify

Gradient color shifts across the page create a natural flow between image and text, guiding a visitor’s eye so that reading information feels more natural and comfortable.

When designing your own website, give it up to the gradients combined with bright, vivid colors. It’s a surefire way to add movement onto your page. Website designs differ – one may lack photography, while others don’t have imagery elements. That’s when gradients can change the way your website is perceived by visitors.

Even More Video

In our day and age when a picture says a thousand words, a video says it best. With a large and beautiful hero image, gaining the attention you need is a no-brainer. Now, a relevant and great video of your brand or your customers speaking for you is a game-changer. It will create a tremendous impact on your visitors, increasing your conversion rates up to 80%.

It’s not a secret, most visitors have no desire to stay for long on a website. Even though speed is such a huge factor today, a great video tends to increase conversions. For that reason, different social media platforms prioritize videos over other kinds of posts. If done right, a video that can grab attention raises your website metric.

Web Design Trends CEI

Videos work particularly great when you need to explain complex things quickly. Look at how rapidly and effectively CEI The Digital Office convey their message in a matter of seconds. Breaking through the online noise is hard. With a high-quality video, you can do a lot for your branding.

What is the best way to show off? Marisa Passos has the solution. Just visit her personal portfolio to learn how to pitch yourself in the most effective manner. You can’t help but admire her work.

Minimalistic Asymmetrical Layouts

Minimalism – which is not new but trendy – is still hot. Because it keeps a visitor focused, minimalistic design dominates the web. The best thing is that it presupposes that your website is simple and clean. Our life today is dynamic and full of distractions that bombard us from every direction. We don’t have the time or the desire to pay attention to the complex structure or distracting elements.

In fact, combined with asymmetrical grids, your website design has a chance to stand out. Ideal for creating hierarchy, asymmetrical grids are nothing but the best.

The Impact website is one of the best examples of minimalistic asymmetrical layouts. The idea is to call attention to what matters most. So, they break up the content into several parts. Each of them guides the user’s eyes to the information they’re looking for.

When it comes to asymmetrical hierarchy, Ruston Paving sticks out a mile. Peculiar placements and repeating incorrect patterns are a whole new game. A mix of colors and textures sparks attention. At last, the user-focused design funnel people to the right places.

Geometric and organic shapes

What is the best way to add a sense of playfulness and creativity to modern website design? It’s not only colors that evoke particular thoughts and emotions. Specific emotions and feelings are no stranger to geometric shapes. Why not add a bit of extra vibe and dynamism to your web design? Triangles, hexagons, and circles are a big deal in modern web design.

Just take a look at how great the Calar website is. With brilliant, vivid color palettes and interactive elements, their website makes a user feel like a child in art class. Get creative with shapes, and you’ll succeed in establishing visual hierarchy. What part of your website do you want your users to notice?

Modern Website Design Trends Calar

In fact, streamlined lines are especially successful if supplemented by different shapes. There are no straight lines in nature, so streamlined forms give a website much more loyalty. Rounded corners have appeared to become a trend last year.

Final Thoughts

It’s always fascinating to watch how modern web design trends appear and evolve with time. But what’s more interesting is to watch how some trends turn out differently than expected.

All in all, responsive, clean, speedy and user-friendly websites continue to make waves. 2019-2020 will see the introduction of other web design trends and features, and the ThemeREX team is quite excited to see them coming.

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