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Behind The Increasing Trend of the One-Page WordPress Website & How to Make it with Jupiter

The concept still seems pretty foreign to me, but the more I learn about it, the more I understand why it’s such a hot topic. I’m even considering transforming my own website using Jupiter’s Edge One Pager. In this article, I’ll lay out the Who, What, Why, Where and How of creating a one-page WordPress website on Jupiter for maximum impact and better results for your business.

What is the One-Page WordPress website fuss all about?

First, let’s make sure we’re on the same page (ha-ha pun intended). A single-page website is exactly what the title implies: a standalone web page. This essentially makes it an all-inclusive landing page with no navigation directing visitors to other pages or tabs. However, there are still scrolling capabilities, page sections and various other applications and elements available with WordPress.

So what is the appeal here and what is making more and more people move toward this trend? To put it simply, visitors want information, services and products as fast as humanly possible –  and what could make that process more simple and straight-forward than having it all right in front of you at the get-go?

Reports from Google and Microsoft Research show that most people spend 10 seconds or less on the home page before deciding whether to hit the back button or to stay on the page. Think about that. If you’re losing leads on the first page that quickly, you want to put a bulk of the information upfront, before they go. If you present your message on your one-page WordPress website in a condensed and attractive manner, you’ll be sure to win over more and more visitors.

Who are One-Page WordPress Websites best suited for? 

It doesn’t take a lot to figure out that with a one-page website some serious sacrifices need to be made. Content definitely needs to be cut; complexities need to be simplified; and messages need to be made incredibly concise. Bearing that in mind, it becomes quite obvious that a one-page website is not for everyone. I’m not talking about a matter of preference, but rather a matter of necessity. One-page WordPress websites are best suited for companies with a single-focused objective.  

Whether you have a boutique fashion line, a single-app product, a new passion project, an advertising portfolio or any other content-light brand, a one-page website could be the most ideal and appropriate format for you to use.

It is increasingly popular with web designers because it’s perfect for portfolios, but there are many other cases where it can be used.  Because the high-trend, single-page websites are easier to find, here are a few examples I’ve picked in order to illustrate a variety of companies that can benefit from the one-pager:

Product Promotion



Service Sign-Ups


TV Teaser


Why should you hop on the one-page WordPress website bandwagon?


  1. Efficiency. Generally, one-page WordPress websites are fully loaded in the initial page load, making the experience more continuous, faster and fluid for the user. It increases performance and improves user experience as it’s easier to navigate, intuitive and includes more direct information all in one place.
  2. Business benefits. These days, every detail on your website needs to have a strategic, quantitative goal and a well-defined business orientation. If you execute it well, the one-page layout can increase the SEO of your WordPress website and be highly effective in driving leads. The single page layout has been proven – multiple times – to be the best format for yielding higher conversion rates.
  3. Sleek look. The linear layout of a one-pager makes it especially pleasing to the user. The favorable simplicity and uniformity tends to look good on all devices, which is especially important in our digital smart-phone age. A one-pager also has the most logical and natural flow because it’s similar to reading a book, scrolling through social media or reading an article. 

Still need to be convinced? Here are another 8 reasons why pageless design is the future of the web. 

 Where and How to make the One-Page Website happen with Jupiter.

If at this point you’re considering making the switch to the one-page website, just check out how sleek and chic the Jupiter Edge One Pager looks. If I were you, I’d download the template and get to work. 



Once you’ve made the move and need some step-by-step assistance, check out this article on how to achieve a one-page WordPress website with Jupiter. In the article, you’ll learn how to prepare the one-page web layout, create a page menu suited for a one-page design and add anchor links.

Because one-page websites have less pages to work with, it’s crucial that every single element of your website has a role in the prospective buyer’s, member’s or subscriber’s journey.

Create your one-page website and design it to function as a lead generation page. Market your company through storytelling, which works it’s way to the summit at the end, aka conversions. The page will hopefully be easier for you to maintain, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dedicate as much time to it’s perfection, adaptation and responsiveness to visitors.


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The Who, What, Why, Where and How Overview of the One-Page Website:

What is it? Single-page websites are now the hottest trend in web design. They allow for a quick look at everything a company has to offer without the risk of visitors getting lost or side-tracked.

Who should use it? Single-objective businesses, like graphic designers, app startups, fashion brands, and others who can get their message out without a lot of content.

Why is it a good idea? There are many benefits but above all, one-page websites are efficient, they have real business benefits and they have a sleek look to them.

Where and How to begin? Conveniently, you can use the Jupiter Edge One Pager to start your journey towards a better design and then restruct your page options to make it fit for a one-page website.


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Ziba Sidrys

Ziba Sidrys

Ziba was well on her way to paving a corporate career in London when she fell in love with the city's vibrant creative community. She ditched the banking life and is now joyously directing her own dance company in Chicago called Confidance. Her interest in web design was recently reignited when she built her company's website, and now she's letting her fire for WordPress and Jupiter reach out to the Artbees Theme Blog.

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