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The Perks Of WordPress PayPal Plugins & How To Integrate It Into Your Site

If you’re just starting your own e-commerce business and you’ve launched your website, you need to be sure you’ve got the most accessible, easy-to-use instant pay option. What I’ve learned in the first few months of being a business owner is that customers want the fastest form of payment possible. In many cases if you don’t give them a quick, snap-of-your-fingers option – you’ll lose them completely. That’s just the world we live in folks. What it comes down to is that the less steps involved for the user, the more likely you are to get conversions. And conversions will undoubtedly drive your business, which is always a good thing, right?

The less steps involved for the user, the more likely you are to get conversions.

There are many payment options out there, but many are unreliable and others take unnecessary amounts of time to set up. One great solution, that I can personally vouch for, is to integrate the PayPal Buy Now Button into your WordPress website quickly, conveniently and for free! Even with PayPal there are many different ways of adding it onto your site, but I’ve found the PayPal Buy Now Button to be especially popular for users as well as web designers. If you aren’t sold with the idea, read our WordPress PayPal Plugins Perks Checklist below, and then, if you’re ready to install, follow our installment instructions. Before you know it you’ll have customers hitting that Buy Now button like it’s hot!


 WordPress PayPal Plugins Perks Checklist

As previously mentioned, there is a wide variety of alternatives when it comes to online payment tools, such as SkrillDwolla or Stripe. But you have to ask yourself if the average customer has heard of those names before. Would they immediately trust one of those companies with all their credit card information? As a customer, how comfortable would you feel making a pricey purchase using Skrill, Dwolla or Stripe? Many of these services do in fact contain similar appealing features to PayPal, and they are compatible with WordPress, but here’s a quick checklist of why we think PayPal is your best bet:

  • Unmatched Universality

PayPal, which has been around since 1998, is now the leading global online payment company. There are about 117 million active registered accounts from 190 markets. You simply can’t beat those figures. PayPal also supports payments in 25 currencies (click here for a full list), making it a well-suited tool for our globalized economy.

Because of PayPal’s global reach, it makes it incredibly appealing as a business owner and online consumer. Many customers will already have PayPal accounts, and so making a purchase on your WordPress website is a simple matter of seconds for them.

  • Maximum Security

One of the greatest advantages of using PayPal is the guaranteed Credit Card security for your customers. When setting up a PayPal account you have to link up your Credit Card one time on PayPal’s secure system. Any following purchases made through PayPal do not require you to include your card information. This saves customers a lot of trouble, because it eliminates the risk of hackers downloading their account data from the online merchant.

  • Flexibility

The variety of purchasing buttons and the ability to edit specifications makes PayPal desirable for your WordPress website. You don’t have to waste several days setting up an eCommerce Solution. PayPal can be integrated within minutes, especially with the Buy Now options. We will go into more detail of how to integrate PayPal into yourWordPress website below.


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Install and set up PayPal to your WordPress Website

1. Fortunately, the PayPal plugins work with any WordPress site. I have a WordPress website with the Jupiter theme and found the process very quick and easy to understand. Specific requirements that you’ll need include a WordPress version: 3.0 or higher, and the compatibility works up to version 4.7.2.

2. You can place a PayPal Buy Now Button or PayPal Buy Now Button Pro anywhere on your WordPress website where you want to sell something, however many times you’d like. A Pro version of this PayPal plugin is available for business owners who need more complex features – if you’re running an ecommerce site I’d suggest this option. Keep in mind that the PayPal Buy Now Button is free, whereas the PayPal Buy Now Button Pro needs to be purchased, which you can do right here.

3. Here are the steps to install the PayPal Buy Now Button. The great news is that it only takes a few minutes:

  • Sign in to your WordPress site as an administrator like you normally would.
  • From the main menu go to Plugins on the left hand side and click “Add New”.
  • Search for PayPal Buy Now Button. There are tons of PayPal options, which you’re obviously free to explore, but the Buy Now Button is the one I’d recommend. It’s the most widely used and has the highest ratings.



  • Then click the “Install Now” button on the upper right hand side of the box.
  • On the PayPal plugins settings page enter your PayPal account email or merchant ID. You need to have an account to be able to link PayPal to your WordPress Website.
  • The settings page also allows you to choose one of four designs that the plugin offers. This is really up to your own personal preference:



  • In the “classic mode” of your page or post editor, you will see a button that says “PayPal Button” beside the “Add Media” button (above the text area). When you click on the PayPal Button you can create shortcodes automatically by filling out the following:



  • You also have the choice of manually making a PayPal button [wpecpp name=’Product name goes here’ price=’6.99′] in a post or page where you want your a PayPal button to be displayed.
  • That’s all there is to it! Your product or service can be purchased easily, like the example below. You are now ready to immediately start accepting PayPal payments on your WordPress website. Congratulations!


Overview in Bulletpoints

  • Users want the fastest, most-reliable form of online payment methods possible when making purchases.
  • The perks of PayPal include, but are not limited to: unmatched universality, maximum security, and flexibility.
  • Installing and setting up PayPal to your WordPress Website takes only a few minutes and allows you to add however many Buy Now buttons you desire for free.

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