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15 Marketing Automation Recipes to Turn your WooCommerce Customers into Evangelists

Whether we like it or not, our lives are becoming more fast-paced each day. Automation helps us keep up, but it never seems to be enough, so we are always searching for new ways to save time. This applies to the world of marketing, too. Better and faster automation methods emerge on an almost daily basis, and one of the newest methods is something known as “automation recipes.” Just like food recipes, marketing automation recipes are sets of instructions, or rather formulas. Unlike food recipes, automation recipes are used to design campaigns to acquire, activate, and engage customers.  

What are marketing automation recipes?    

The Cambridge dictionary defines a recipe as “a set of instructions telling you how to prepare and cook a particular food.” In marketing, recipes instruct you on how to implement meaningful automation rules to achieve tangible results .

For example, when using email automation software, you typically have to decide to whom and when an email should be sent. Planning and implementing this can take a fair amount of time. Picking a pre-constructed recipe and following its instructions could save you that time.

How to get marketing automation recipes

Googling “marketing automation recipes” can help you find a number of tools. Some are quite interesting. Choose a recipe that fits your business needs and follow the instructions to design a campaign using your automation software.

In this article we will use Growmatik to practice different marketing automation recipes. Growmatik is a Cross-channel Marketing platform for WordPress & WooCommerce. It gives you recipes to choose from AND does the cooking for you too! Just pick a recipe, and Growmatik does all the heavy lifting. 

Let’s take a look at some essential marketing automation recipes that suit most businesses in driving engagement and customer conversion. All of these recipes are part of the Growmatik database and are just a click away.

1- Scroll behavior popup

If your customer keeps scrolling down the page, pique their interest with this pop-up and offer an incentive to keep them engaged.

2- On-exit popup

Offer your site visitors a deal they can’t refuse by displaying this pop-up when they attempt to navigate away from your website.

3- Christmas discount popup 

Offer coupons to your site visitors via this pop-up promoting a calendar occasion such as Black Friday, Christmas, Easter and so forth.

4- Page personalization for mobile traffic

Engage your mobile audience with responsive and relevant content, like adding a WhatsApp link to your homepage banner.

5- Geolocational page personalization 

Cater to your audience by offering localized services specific to their region on your landing page.

6- Page personalization based on time of the day 

Personalize your landing page content to match the time of day. For example, a food delivery service could greet customers with a “good morning” and a peek at the breakfast menu.

7- Page personalization based on purchase history 

Help your online store match customer needs by using their record of purchases to personalize your landing page with the content and products they’re looking for.

8- Personalized greeting on the homepage 

Address your audience by name with this personalized welcome on your homepage.

9- New customer welcome email

Use a cheerful, personalized email to welcome new subscribers.

10- Cross-sell items email

Send customers a personalized email that includes listings of products similar to those they’ve viewed to encourage them to buy more from you.

marketing automation recipes - cross selling

11- VIP customer appreciation email

Send a personalized email to your most loyal customers, complete with a discount coupon to encourage them to keep buying from you!

marketing automation recipes - vip appreciation

12- Annual report email

A great opportunity to remind customers of their relationship with your brand! These highly personalized report emails summarize how the customer has interacted with your business over the past year.

marketing automation recipes - annual report

13- Cart abandoner follow up emails 

Do you have customers leaving the site with unpurchased items in their shopping carts? Send them a reminder email encouraging them to come back.

marketing automation recipes - cart abandoners email

14- Reactivation email

Re-engage customers that have been away for a while with this follow-up email. Choose exciting content to encourage them to revisit your website.

marketing automation recipes - reengage with away customers

15- New customer appreciation email

Show your appreciation to first-time customers with this personalized email, recommend related products and offer a discount coupon to encourage future purchases.

marketing automation recipes - thank you email

Wrap up

As you can see, marketing automation recipes can save you hours of work. However, remember that these are merely templates that can be made more effective by customizing them to match your own brand and business criteria. They’ll save you plenty of time with brainstorming and implementation, but it’s up to you to make them your own!

With Growmatik, a single click can activate any of the above 15 marketing automations, plus so much more. Pre-built email and popup designs are just a few of our other time-saving offerings.

Good luck cooking up successful marketing campaigns 🙂

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