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Maziar Firoozmand

WPDone May Madness: Up to 50% Off WordPress Design and Development Services!

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to offload your WordPress projects with WPDone’s May Madness campaign. Whether

Balancing Performance and Cost in WordPress Hosting: A Review of HostArmada and Jupiter X

This article will explore key factors to consider when selecting an affordable WordPress hosting provider, introduce HostArmada as

Cloud Hosting for WordPress: A Case Study of Cloudways and Jupiter X

This article introduces cloud hosting and its benefits for WordPress websites, the process of establishing a hosting environment
How to Create a Complete WooCommerce Login With Jupiter X

How to Create a Complete WooCommerce Login With Jupiter X (From Sign Up to My Account)

Learn how to create a standard login for WooCommerce from the opt-in step to my account page. we'll

How to Enhance Global Styling With Global Widgets in Jupiter X3 and Without Elementor Pro

We recently released Jupiter X v3, featuring a myriad of new widgets and features. In this post, we'll

Introducing Jupiter X V3!
More Powerful, More Independent, More Performant

Say goodbye to third-party plugins and bring in speed, performance and ease of use! More than 75+ native

Full Site Editing in WordPress and How to Improve it with Jupiter X

Full site editing has come to WordPress! Exciting news is JupiterX2 can bring more by embracing and improving

Introducing Jupiter X2: Change the Way You Build & Sell in WordPress Forever

Jupiter is more powerful, more independent and more seamless than ever before, loaded with many industry-first features pioneering

What is a Loyalty Program and Why Does it Matter for Growth

Looking to grow your WooCommerce store? The lifetime value of customers is a key factor for success. The
marketing automation recipes featured

15 Marketing Automation Recipes to Turn your WooCommerce Customers into Evangelists

Whether we like it or not, our lives are becoming more fast-paced each day. Automation helps us keep