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How Your Answers to Our Survey Resulted in the New Jupiter V6!

This is our main source of inspiration for updates like the newly released Jupiter V6 that was just launched. Luckily for us at Artbees, thousands of our clients and users are well-versed web designers and digital marketing specialists whose feedbacks are exceptionally detailed and highly actionable.

This fact has made it so much easier for us to identify our weak spots and improve them to build higher quality services and features for our users. We truly appreciate what our clients and users have to say about our services and, in particular, we used our most recent Artbees Survey as a roadmap for our newly released Jupiter V6!

You, our users, pointed out what you needed the most including faster page loading speed, more customizability for your headers and online shop and a better way of seeing your edits in real time, as you changed your site.

Here are what our clients had to say:


  • We would definitely recommend Jupiter to our friends and colleagues



Indeed, more than half (52.1%) of our clients gave us a reassuring pat on the back by expressing that  they would indeed recommend their friends and colleagues to choose Jupiter as a WordPress theme. You can imagine how delighted we were to hear this.

Obviously, less than half disagreed which meant to us—we had some work to do! That’s why in the Jupiter V6 release, we looked at different approaches we could take to make our website builder more capable, user-friendly and faster and you can bet we’ll be launching another survey to get your feedback on Jupiter V6 a few months from now so keep an eye out!


  • We love the level of customizability that comes with Jupiter the most



71.9% of our clients agree that Jupiter’s customizability is it’s greatest strength. 61.4% percent are on the same page about Jupiter’s design being the next best thing about the theme.  Following closely at 57.6 %  is Jupiter’s versatility. Our clients love that Jupiter’s ability to work for various sectors and niches. Lastly, 44.7 % shared that Jupiter’s user-friendliness is one of the reasons that it is Artbees’ top wordpress themes.

This showed us that our users actually wanted to have more range of customizability and versatility when designing their websites. That’s why with Jupiter V6, we worked to offer you complete control over your header, online shop and elements. Now, you’ll be able to pick every color, font, image and component from top to bottom.


  • We’d like to see more Elements and Add-ons



We know that if there’s anyone who can best tell us how to become better, it’s our loyal Artbees’ clients and users. Hence, we asked them what specifically they’d like to see more of on the next Jupiter Updates.

54.9 % of our users wanted to add a bunch of new elements, while 45.4 % shared that they would appreciate the addition of Tiny plug-ins for extra capabilities that can be added as needed. 41.4% suggested bug fixes, and  33.4% wished for plug-in compatibility. What this told us was that we needed to add more functionality and features to our elements, along with a wider range of customizability. This got our development team thinking of different ways to approach our already existing elements to give users more control and say over how each feature and function looks.


  • User friendliness is our biggest challenge with Jupiter

Of course, no software is perfect. We also recognize the fact that our designers and developers cannot think of everything. No one else, other than our users, can better tell us about Jupiter’s shortcomings and problems. Most of our users surveyed claimed that user friendliness is their top concern. These are some of the other things they mentioned:

  • Overall performance issues
  • Slow website speed
  • Custom CSS and mobile optimization
  • No chat opportunity in customer support
  • Plugin integration
  • Problems with visual composer


Now with Jupiter V6, not only do you have a LiveChat feature that lets you talk with Support agents directly, you’ll have a Frontend Editor that lets you see your edits in real time, a WYS/WYG approach to design. Additionally, we’ve completely overhauled our method in increasing page speed and have now reached the highest page-loading speed to date. This, all on top of the fact that we’ve introduced a completely unrivaled Header Builder and Shop Customizer that will change the way you design and edit your header and online shop.


  • We’d appreciate these elements in Jupiter

We encourage our clients to be more detailed with their feedbacks, so we asked them what specific elements and features they want to be integrated into Jupiter. Here are just a few of their suggestions:

  • Header builder
  • Shop customizer
  • Campaign monitor integration
  • Custom hover state for image/lightbox
  • Custom product page elements, and customization of the cart/ checkout pages.
  • Customer service chat
  • Different menu options
  • More navigation layouts and tab elements.


52.1% of our users requested for a header builder, which is why our team has been working extra hard to give you Jupiter’s new Header Builder and Shop Customizer! Within each of these features, you’ll have complete control over every element and detail within your header and online shop, respectively. That means your header, your visitor’s first impression and your online shop, which facilitates customers purchases, are all now completely in your hands.

Overall, here were our main takeaways from your answers:

  • Jupiter’s best asset is it customizability.
  • Jupiter is as versatile as designed; able to efficiently serve a wide range of  niche.
  • You don’t have to be an expert to find your way around Jupiter
  • Jupiter has room for improvement with regards to integrating more elements to be able to serve our clients better.
  • User friendliness is one of our customers’ biggest concerns.


We’re also very happy that the survey results showed that our hard work in Jupiter’s improvements have been paying off. In fact, 76% of our users believe there has been an increase in Jupiter performance since 2016.

Thank you for your responses and participation in our survey! Because of your feedback, we were able to have concrete ideas and features that our whole team took and turned into what is now the new and improved Jupiter V6 release! We heard you, and will continue listening. Together we can make Jupiter the best wordpress theme to work for your business.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below.


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