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Balancing Performance and Cost in WordPress Hosting: A Review of HostArmada and Jupiter X

This article will explore key factors to consider when selecting an affordable WordPress hosting provider, introduce HostArmada as

Cloud Hosting for WordPress: A Case Study of Cloudways and Jupiter X

This article introduces cloud hosting and its benefits for WordPress websites, the process of establishing a hosting environment

How to Add a File Uploader to the Checkout Page

Learn how to add a file uploader to your online shop's checkout page, allowing customers to upload files
custom thank you page in WooCommerce featured

How to Redirect to a Conditional Custom Thank You Page in WooCommerce

The thank you page is the page that is displayed to a client when their order is finalized
display related products featured

How to Display Related Products Based on Cart Items in WooCommerce

Displaying related products based on cart items will increase engagement on your site, which increases the chance of
rel="noopener" featured

What Is rel=”noopener” and How Does It Affect WordPress?

rel="noopener" is an HTML attribute you can use to test the security of the links that you might

How to Check If a WooCommerce Coupon Is Applied

Checking the status of WooCommerce coupons is a breeze, if you know a couple handy tricks! In this
duplicate WordPress posts featured

How to Duplicate WordPress Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types Without A Plugin

In this blog post we’re going to add a small code snippet to your website so you will
repair a WordPress site's database featured

How to Repair a WordPress Site’s Database

In this article we will review the methods you can use to repair your WordPress site’s database.

How to Start with CSS Animations

CSS animation brings static images and icons on any website to life. Here is the basics of CSS