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Coaching Websites Built by Jupiter to Spark Your Creative Genius

One group of people who benefit from the internet space are resource speakers and business coaches. There are a lot of topics people can talk about and if you are considered as an expert in a certain subject matter, you’ll be easily a sought out as a speaker.

But, you need to have an online platform where interested people can see your portfolio. There are coaching websites built by Jupiter where you can draw content and visual inspiration from. If you are just starting out, checking out what other coaches and speakers have on their website is a great place to start!

We broke down some coaching websites built by Jupiter for you to study and appreciate. Setting up a website shouldn’t be hard, so we are happy to help you out and give you tips and guides on how you can build your own.

Patrice Washington



Background: Patrice is a speaker who aims to bring back hope to women and do good work in the world. She is a best-selling author and believes in a certain philosophy when reaching out to people.

Website: This one has a side dashboard menu that’s partnered with fancy fonts and images, giving it a nice sense of peace and calmness to anyone who will visit the site. There’s also a different shape divider effect on the landing page.

There are sub-pages, a category showcase, and a fixed footer present throughout the site. On the sub-pages, Patrice used shape dividers to decorate their pages and make it look more appealing.

This is especially evident in the banners. Also, they’ve used parallax effect on some images to make it more dynamic, breaking any monotonous feeling people might get while browsing the site.

Present in the blog section is a magazine with a left-aligned style to showcase a nice number of podcast episodes for people to get hooked into.

Queirra Fenderson



Background: This site is being managed by Queirra Fenderson. She is a Professional Certified Coach whose main market are women. She is the go-to person for advice, if people need it. She aims to empower and coach ambitious women to turn their visions into reality.

Website: Visitors of the page will be greeted with details of who Queirra is, as well as buttons about a video content and booking an appointment. These quick links are a good idea because people might already be interested with what she has to offer, right from the moment they see the header.

Scrolling through the landing page, visitors will get a quick overview about Queirra. Website visitors are also greeted with other important links that might help their journey and solidify Queirra’s expertise in the industry.

Other elements present in the site are a blog section, a video player, a milestone section, a custom box, list of testimonials, a shape divider, an icon box, and images with a frame style.

Wrap Up

These coaching websites built by Jupiter look fluid and appealing. Their content is diverse to cater to the different visitors their website gets each day. Explore these sites and get your own up and running in no time!

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Kimmy Maclang

Kimmy Maclang

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