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Case Study

Balancing Performance and Cost in WordPress Hosting: A Review of HostArmada and Jupiter X

This article will explore key factors to consider when selecting an affordable WordPress hosting provider, introduce HostArmada as

Cloud Hosting for WordPress: A Case Study of Cloudways and Jupiter X

This article introduces cloud hosting and its benefits for WordPress websites, the process of establishing a hosting environment
Setup WPRocket with Jupiter X featured

How to Install and Set Up WP Rocket with Jupiter X

In this article, I’ll provide more detail on both Jupiter X (as well as how to install it)

Coaching Websites Built by Jupiter to Spark Your Creative Genius

The internet has helped a lot of small business owners and freelancers have a platform to broadcast their

Fight for a Cause: 4 Non-Profit Websites Built by Jupiter WP Theme

The most common difficulty that non-profit organizations experience is budget constraint. This primarily results to prioritizing other things

6 Restaurant Websites Built by Jupiter to Inspire Your Next Business

People love dining out whatever the occasion. It’s not always about the food, but the experience we get

Take Inspiration For Your Site: 6 Health Websites Built By Jupiter

Everyone’s familiar with the phrase, health is wealth - a saying everyone should take seriously. When people fail

A Breakdown of Musician Websites Built by Jupiter

The digital space has been a great place for people to showcase their talents and what they can

10 Critical Questions to Ask Clients Before You Start Designing Their Website

That first meeting with your client is crucial to setting the tone of your collaboration as well as

Should You Begin Your Career by Starting Your Own Business?

We’ve read so many stories of people being successful either after dropping out of college or just after