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[Giveaway] A Taste of 2019 with Artbees Free Holiday Template!

Please meet Holiday Template! A nice one-page website template designed for your Christmas or your new years’ events. Say you have a party scheduled for Christmas or new year or you want to give your website a makeover for holidays! The free holiday template puts all positive Christmas and New Year’s vibes together, use a nice Christmas color palette and is ornament it with sweet new year themed graphics, symbols, and icons to please visitors eyes and make them even more excited for your event!

What does the free holiday template include?

Hero Section

The free Holiday template boasts a warm hero section filled with your favorite Xmas red and crimson red to impress the visitors at their arrival. You can easily replace the ‘Merry Christmas’ graphic with ‘Happy New Year!’ or any other element.



You would like your own party attendees to bring sweets and swag of their own to your party, wouldn’t you? Or maybe you want to ask your visitors to donate some money to help your event in advance? We added a donate section for you just in case!




Put up a video of your event last year or a video you’ve recorded to communicate with your visitors to promote your event with an eye-catching video message.Book A Seat

If your event is not free for everyone you’ll want to use this section! Your visitors can try the ‘Book a seat’ button and book one ahead of time before your event fills up!!



Send some Wishes (or whatever they like!)

You can replace this section with whatever you think your event or audience is interested in! Let’s say they click on ‘Send Wishes’, they then will be treated with a pop-up showing a ‘Thank you’ message, a hug emoji or anything else you’d like to express to someone who sends you some good wishes! Alternatively, you can use this button to prompt a nice gift with a pop-up! For example, a discount coupon or a free swag pack from your company… the possibilities are endless 🙂



Photo Gallery

A photo gallery of your past events or some shots of how you’re preparing the venue or your home for the event would be a nice option here!



Contact Section

In case your visitors or leads would like to get in touch with you to get more info about your event or their booking, a contact information section will be available. This will have many nice icons as well as a contact form right in the bottom of the page. Something that will surely come in handy for them.



Happy 2019!

That’s it! A simple but infinitely eye-catching website template to become a part of your great moments. On behalf of the Artbees team, I hope 2019 will be the best year for you, your family and your team members. And, Happy 2019 to the one and only Artbees community! 😉 



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***Important Note: Artbees free templates cannot be sold or distributed as it is — only derivative works for end users can be sold.

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Maziar Firuzmand

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