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A few words about our newly born GrowFlow

I’m very excited to write these few lines about our new product that we are showcasing tomorrow; GrowFlow! The showcase will surely help you get a better understanding of the product and answer some questions about what this product is, what it does, and why we built it!  however this can be not all the info you like to know. This product has just been born and has a long road ahead for it to explore and grow! More information about it will be updated in due time 😉 .

What is GrowFlow?


GrowFlow is an AI-powered solution that constantly analyzes your website users’ behaviour, attributes and preferences. It intelligently personalizes each user’s journey on your website and eventually will help to better acquire, nurture, convert and retain them. AI provides recommendations and brainstorms practices while learning about your users’ and their behaviour. Once you’ve approved it, it will start running!

What problems does it solve?

Marketing decisions are mostly made for the masses. For instance, you’ve got a product and you want to run a campaign to promote it, but then everyone sees that campaign. But, we think marketing is more engaging and effective if it’s tailored for each and every user! Think about it, different users getting a different experiences of your website based on their different interests, attributes and preferences.

A user from India with regular visits to your website and multiple purchases, will see a different version of your website than a first-time visitor from Cape Town. Or let’s imagine a promotional campaign tailored for every user. A loyal user with 5 purchases will get a different a coupon discount worth 20% for their next 5 purchases, but a lead can be convinced to refer 5 leads and enjoy a 30% discount on his first purchase!

Who is it for?

GrowFlow makes marketing possible and easier for everyone, not just marketers. The website personalization solutions available today like Optimizely, Fresh Marketer, or Unbounce are merely just personalization tools, but GrowFlow is intelligent. It observes and it reacts. It tells you ‘what’ should be personalized, for ‘whom’ it should be personalized, and “how” it should be personalized.

What’s the most important thing it does that other don’t?

GrowFlow does not give a one-off strategy and leave. It provides suggestions, runs them and then monitors your users reaction to it. It then makes necessary changes to those practices accordingly.  All of this happens through an infinite cycle of data analysis and machine learning.

Why did we build it?

Artbees is the creator of renowned Jupiter WP Theme, one of the World’s Top 10 WordPress Themes that has been used to build 100,000+ websites. After 5 years of building and maintaining this popular WordPress theme, the Artbees team started to think about what happens after a website is built. You need to market it to reach the target audience, right? That is exactly where all of the WordPress themes and website builders leave off. From that point on, you are left with many many solutions built for different marketing purposes.

You have newsletter services such as Mailchimp, you have content marketing solutions such as Hubspot, you have Google and Facebook for outbound advertising, and social media to stay connected to your users. There are so many platforms, they are expensive, and they all have their own targeting methods. And yes they are changing everyday and becoming very difficult to catch up with, especially for a non-marketer! That is where a need for an all-in-one solution that centralizes and coordinates your marketing activities comes in handy. It coordinates the marketing activities for all of your different types of users and drives those activities on your behalf. That is where GrowFlow comes into play!

GrowFlow is young and evolving.

GrowFlow is not only a young product but it also uses very new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, GrowFlow is at a cornerstone for a big venture towards what we believe  is the future of marketing. A world where marketing is not rocket science done by expensive marketing agencies in the Bay area. GrowFlow will make marketing possible for non-marketers the way Jupiter made web design possible for non web-designers.

GrowFlow is at the beginning, but it’s on it’s way. It not only evolves while we improve and enrich its AI, but it also learns from the websites it serves and improves itself. You might  not be thrilled right when you start integrating it with your website, but you’ll soon see how it is aware of what is going on with your users and how it intelligently suggests marketing practices tailored to different cohorts of your users.

To whom and when are we sending the beta invitations?

Artbees has and will always have its roots in the WordPress community. In fact, it owes a big part of its vision to that of WordPress and the vibrant community around it. For this reason,we decided to begin integration with WordPress and WooCommerce. In the future, we will add more website builders like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and website builders such as Wix and Squarespace. So, if you own a website built by WordPress you can subscribe to the for an early access invitation! We will be doing our best to start rolling out invitations by early 2019. Look out for it 😉

If you are at Web Summit 2019, you have the opportunity to see a demo of GrowFlow right in our booth and by its very own product designers! You can  even enjoy a test drive with it! Not to mention the exciting swag we had designed for our visitors at the Summit! Find us Tuesday Nov 6 at booth A510 in the Altice arena 😉

What’s next?

You are seeing the newly launched, subscribe for an invitation, follow our social media channels for great coverage of the Web Summit debut and find out more about  the product unveiling in the coming weeks. We cannot wait to get GrowFlow ready for beta access, roll out the invitations and learn about our valuable users’ feedback 😉

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Maziar Firuzmand

Maziar Firuzmand

I'm a daydreamer. I design great products and ideate general marketing policies at Artbees. In my free time I do great impressions of Jim Raynor from Starcraft, grow my to-read list and rave about the next Tesla product.

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  1. It’s great to hear about your excitement for the new product, GrowFlow! Showcasing a new product can be an exciting opportunity to introduce it to potential users and customers.

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