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Take Inspiration For Your Site: 6 Health Websites Built By Jupiter

Good thing there are different individuals and companies willing and able to help everyone in this. Now, are you one who’s interested to start a business in this industry or do you already have one and wish to further your company? Well, this read is made just for you as there are a lot of businesses that have health websites built by Jupiter which can serve as your inspiration!

Coming up with your own website might be a daunting task but with the right guidance, you’ll be well on your way to building one that’s just right for you! Here are some health websites built by Jupiter that you can check out, see what works for them and maybe, try them out for yourself!

Henkel & Hoyer



Background: It is a combined effort of dentists Axel Hoyer and Christian Henkel. They are updated with the latest in research and offer a modern, quality and customer-centric dentistry service.

Their site: Users will be greeted with a multisite concept. It begins with a page section and then continues on with gradient fancy tiles, buttons and backgrounds so that their site will look easy on the eyes. You can also view an employee list to get to know the team behind Henkel & Hoyer. As for the sub-pages, you’ll be greeted with an accordion and advanced Google Map features and a blog element. This site is packed with information so people will know that this is the place to be if you’re looking for quality dentistry service.

Molaris Clinic



Background: A clinic that offers quality dentistry service that is coupled with a family environment. The clinic now has 17 dentists and four assistants to serve all its patients. The business continues to grow with another location set up in one of the Industrial Zones in Marinha Grande.

Their site: Another multisite website with chic footer and slider present in its landing page. In the sub-pages, users will get to see an image gallery, a nice transparent background, good combination of colors, post carousel, portfolios, advance and default contact forms for easy communication with the clinic, and an Advanced Google Map to quickly spot where their clinics are.

Lidcombe Dental Care



Background: This business is locally-owned and managed and offers general and multi-specialty dental group practice. They boast that their dentists are empathetic and goal-oriented – help each patient attain an excellent oral health and an amazing smile.

Their site: This site comes from a template originated design which starts with the Kenburned feature of an edge slider and then continues on with a grid style of image gallery. It also has an employee list so users and potential patients will have an idea of who The Dream Team is. There’s also a segment where Testimonials can be seen to further establish this clinic’s credibility. Other features present are a blog, a Contact Form 7, and an Accordion.

Herman Daniels, MD



Background: Dr. Herman Daniels has over 25 years of experience in the areas of health, wellness, and weight loss.

Their site: A stylish landing page will greet you that’s topped with a nice banner section at the top, and a flip box. Everything’s partnered with a nice section layout feature and a shape divider feature that both comes from the page sections. Users will also get to see an image gallery, an advanced Google Maps, accordion, testimonials, a tab slider, process steps, and practice milestones.

Atlantic Delights



Background: They offer quality 100% pure fish oil made from Norwegian Wild Cod and Salmon from the arctic circle. Also, part of their quality promise is that their products do not have any GMOs or additives.

Their site: It’s a pretty straightforward multipage website containing all the necessary information about the company and its products. It is built from the section layout feature of the page section. There are also placements for the products, banking on the single product & product listings feature.

Wrap Up

As seen from the sample sites above, there is no shortage of purpose or industry that could benefit from building its own site. Take cues from these health websites built by Jupiter and start crafting your own today!

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