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Introducing Jupiter X2: Change the Way You Build & Sell in WordPress Forever

For almost a decade, Jupiter has been a go-to WordPress website builder for businesses, online shops and agencies and also a home to some of the most creative web designers and developers in the world.

The main reason for Jupiter X’s popularity is its amazing versatility and customizability. Many freelancers and agencies around the world have started and grown their entire business over Jupiter due to its unlimited transformability and versatile readymade website repository which makes for a reliable business tool and asset.

Along with its user base over the years, Jupiter has also grown and matured. Jupiter X has always been an important part of who we are at Artbees. Above all the new products and other projects here at Artbees, we always have had a special focus towards Jupiter X. There has always been an active development and support team trying not just to maintain its theming and support its community but also to improve the tool further and further.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the beginning of the next chapter of our Jupiter journey together: The next generation of Jupiter WordPress theme, the X2.

Jupiter X2 takes all the great features of Jupiter X and dramatically improves its shortcomings with less dependency on third-party plugins, a more seamless building and styling experience, exciting new features such as full site editing, and a huge offering of exclusive new WooCommerce features. 

Below is a quick summary of X2’s main features:

  • Layout builder
  • Remastered theme styles
  • Custom snippets
  • WooCommerce advanced product catalog
  • WooCommerce personalized product list
  • WooCommerce product filter widget
  • WooCommerce Product Swatch Attributes 
  • WooCommerce checkout optimizer 
  • WooCommerce sales Funnel builder 
  • WooCommerce automated discounts
  • WooCommerce personalized coupons
  • WooCommerce smart checkout notices
  • WooCommerce custom thanks you page 
  • Fully-widgetized membership pages 
  • New control panel

Let’s jump right in to learn more!

Layout Builder:
Full site editing comes to Jupiter

It is now time for Jupiter X to embrace the new big thing in WordPress: Full site editing. 

Build and customize entire WordPress website from one screen

Introducing Jupiter X2 - layout builder

Header, footer, single, archive, search results or 404, my account, order details, WooCommerce archive and catalog, single product and every part of our WordPress website can now be managed from one central dashboard.

Conditionally display layouts in your website

You can also save multiple templates for a section and run them based on specific conditions. For example, two different headers could be prepared— one for logged in users and one for regular visitors.

X2 Layout Builder will dispense you of Elementor Pro Theme Builder and outperforms it with wider behavioral display criteria such as user WP role and login status.

More seamless styling with remastered theme styles

The new remastered Theme Styles in X2 give deeper styling control over the website with nested menus, less clicks and more real estate to preview the results and completely dispense you of any extra global styling tools such as Elementor Pro Theme Styles.

  • The Customizer settings design now matches with Elementor design
  • Thanks to the new nested menu design, opening settings in another modal does not occupy the viewable canvas anymore.
  • There is a Search field available on all pages to type and find any desired option.
  • Styling options are less complicated and easier for an average user to comprehend.
  • Workflow speed has increased as the new design saves users from multiple clicks to edit settings and back and forth steps. 
  • Speed issues due to many Ajax requests caused by the Elementor template library when the user intended to choose a custom header, footer, etc. are now solved.

Huge round of new WooCommerce features and builders 

Jupiter X2 is packed full of new updates and shop features. Many of these industry-first features represent the latest trends in e-commerce websites and how a WooCommerce store can adapt to them. 

Areas where WooCommerce normally falls behind compared to competition (such as simple and fast checkout, order value amplification, order bump, upselling, smart discounting and so on) have given life to a long list of products that you can buy separately outside to address and improve these areas. 

X2 is proud to have brought many of these otherwise-paid WooCommerce features as native features included in your theme license.

Let’s learn more.

Most advanced product catalog builder

Build your entire product catalog with a live editor from scratch with industry-first features such as personalization, advanced filtering and attribute swatches, and customize it for mobile and tablet.

Advanced Product filter widget and product swatches attributes

Without using any additional tools, you can now make filtering in your WooCommerce store as powerful as Amazon and eBay. Use advanced filters with super fast response time to let customers easily browse through your catalog.

Introducing Jupiter X2 - product filter

You can now offer visual product attribute swatches such as images, colors, buttons and radios to help customers choose their variations easier.

Introducing Jupiter X2 - attribute swatches

Personalized product catalog & custom product pages

For the first time ever, you can personalize your product loop based on customer shopping behaviour:

  • Related to Recently Viewed products
  • Related to Recent Ordered products 
  • Related to products in Cart
  • Related to past orders 
  • Upsells related to cart
  • Cross-sells related to cart

Using the powerful layout builder you can also define custom product pages for different products, categories and tags, each with their own design and formatting.

Now build and customize all WooCommerce pages including checkout and Thank You

Default WooCommerce pages look old-fashioned and you’re only limited to styles your theme offers to choose from for your shop pages. This is even worse in checkout pages where normally minimal customization styles are suggested by WP themes.

Introducing Jupiter X2 - thank you page

Jupiter X2 makes it possible not only to build and customize the product catalog and product page with a live builder but it also allows building and customization of normally harder-to-change pages such as checkout and Thank You pages.

Checkout pages are now widgetized. Cart details and order details are now simple widgets that you can drag and drop into Elementor canvas and build your very own checkout pages.

You can now build and customize your checkout page from scratch too. Every element in your checkout page can be made and customized like in a regular Elementor widget.

Your checkout form fields are also 100% customizable. You can add, remove and reorder checkout form fields, add custom fields to your billing or shipping fields, and build multi-step and single-step checkouts.

Streamline sales process with super fast checkouts

X2 goes further than just customizing the look of your checkout pages and for the first time ever in a WordPress theme, upgrades confusing and lengthy checkout pages in WooCommerce with Shopify-like checkout optimization features that makes it possible to fill out form fields and check out quickly.

Introducing Jupiter X2 - fast checkouts
  • Express 1-click checkout
  • Pre-populate Form Data
  • Address and state Autocomplete
  • Instant form validation
  • Sticky cart & skip cart option
  • Checkout Expiry
  • Auto-Apply Coupon
  • Pre-filled form for Abandoned users
  • Frictionless login and signups

Checkout optimizer:
Boost every order’s value

X2 dispenses you of various premium cart optimization plugins by 1-click order bumps during checkout. You can now suggest alluring order bumps to your customers anywhere inside the checkout form and easily increase your average order value.

You can personalize order bumps based on shopping details and hundreds of other different conditions such as geolocation, referring source and more.

Sales Funnel Builder:
Another industry-first feature to grow your WooCommerce business

As another feature to ever appear in a WordPress theme, X2 enables you to create sales funnels and guide your customers through alluring upselling and downselling offers to turn hesitant visitors into customers and repeat customers.

Jupiter X upsell and downsell offers are also highly personalized and can be triggered based on shopping details and dozens of other conditions such as site activities, geolocation and more.

Jupiter X2 sales funnel builder will save you from extra premium sales funnel builders such as Cartflows and BuildWooFunnels.

More exclusive features to optimize your WooCommerce store

X2 offers even more features for personalized promotion to engage your customers further with the right reciprocity bias.

Apply automated discounts during checkout

You can automatically apply a discount to the final price during checkout and sway an undecided customer to decide and finish the purchase.

Generate personalized coupons

You can create personalized coupons to use in your website such as thank you page, to recover a cart abandoner or increase repeate purchases.

Smart notices in all shop pages

With X2 you can also display highly-targeted notices anywhere in your shop pages from Cart, to checkout, catalog and product single pages in order to engage customers further.

Just like many new WooCommerce features in X2, the above personalized promotion features are also sold separately as premium plugins and services in the market which come as native features in Jupiter X2.

In-depth shop analytics

The default analytics report in WooCommerce is quite basic and you should use extra tools and plugins to get a useful and insightful analytics report about your store performance.

Jupiter X2 offers both general performance reports and in-depth performance reports about specific sections of your store such as sales funnels, coupons, discounts, notices and more. We track and report on the metrics you care most about such as:

  • Visits
  • Bounce rate
  • Revenue
  • Orders
  • Conversion rate 
  • Average order value
  • Order bump
  • Upsell revenue
    And more.. 

Membership widgets

You care about the customers once you acquire them. That’s why we boosted all the features you need to create a solid repeat customer base in your store.

Build your store’s membership forms such as login, register, social login and signup, Password reset from the ground up. Drag & drop form widgets, Include custom fields in registration pages and collect the information that matters to your business.

New Custom Snippets

With the new Custom snippets feature you can add your own custom code snippets to very specific parts of your website. Custom snippet will dispense you of the Custom Code feature in Elementor Pro.

And at the heart of it all, the new control panel

With Jupiter X2 there are innovations throughout the entire system and it couldn’t happen without a robust control panel.

Jupiter X2 - new control panel

X2’s new control panel is a complete redesign of the control panel that puts everything you care about in your website, from supervising settings, to managing layout and templates, controlling plugins & updates, overseeing health and performance and more, right in the palm of your hand.

A new standard to play catch-up to!

X2 disrupts the theme market competition scale with real value and capability for every penny that the user pays, not the number of styles and templates anymore.

Jupiter X2 not only saves you from paying for Elementor Pro but also provides a vast range of industry-first WooCommerce features which are sold elsewhere as separate plugins and services. By buying from other services, WooCommerce customization, optimization, and analytics may altogether cost you some $900 per year that on Jupiter X2 you will own with a one-time fee of $59 or are100% free for existing users.

How Jupiter X2 dispenses you of Elementor Pro

Feature Elementor Pro Jupiter X2
Global styling Theme Styles Remastered theme styles
Full site editing Theme Builder Layout Builder
Custom coding Custom Code Custom Snippets
Templates 100 templates 450+ templates
Advanced product filtering N/A Product filter widget
Product attribute swatches N/A Included natively
Sales Funnel Builder N/A Native sales funnel builder
Personalized Promotions
(personalized discounts, coupons and notices)
N/A Included natively
Price $49/Year $59 one-time lifetime

Some of the tools and plugins replaced by Jupiter X2

Checkout BuilderCheckoutWC$350/yr
Funnel builder, One-click order bump, upsell & downsell, In-depth analyticsCartflows
≈ $299/yr
Discounts & CouponsSmart Coupons
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts
Yith WooCommerce dynamic Pricing & Discounts
NoticesYith cart messages
Skyverge Card Notices
≈ $60/yr
Page builderElementor Pro (for one site)$50/yr
Grand total≈ $950/yr

What’s next

X2 represents our vision of an ideal WordPress and WooCommerce website builder. 

Our goal with it is a theme with the utmost customizability to make great websites and outstanding online stores with highly competitive tools and standards.

While we are working hard on bringing even more to the table in our next iterations, we can’t wait to see what our community of over 160,000 users creates with Jupiter X2 and we rely on the precious feedback from our community about X2 the same way they have have driven us forward after all releases from Jupiter V1 to V5, V6 and X.

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Maziar Firuzmand

Maziar Firuzmand

I'm a daydreamer. I design great products and ideate general marketing policies at Artbees. In my free time I do great impressions of Jim Raynor from Starcraft, grow my to-read list and rave about the next Tesla product.


  1. Hi there,

    This sounds fab. Just one quick question. Where can I download it to have a go?


    • Thanks Paul. If you are have an existing Jupiter WP license, you can download the update from your user dashboard. If not you can buy it from Themeforest.

  2. Does this mean that X2 now contains its own custom page builder and does not use Elementor or WP Bakery (for example) at all?

    • No, the page builder has not changed . The new features including layout builder and the new Woo capabilities require Elementor as the page builder.

  3. Liking it already, can’t wait to see it in action. Loved your integration model of features that otherwise are only obtainable by an avalanche of 3rd party plugins & money. Cheers from Portugal.

    • Thank you Joa. That was exactly the main idea behind X2. More on X2’s philosophy, in the upcoming blog post 😉

  4. Sounds interesting.
    – Does this mean that x2 has broken up with Elementor altogether?
    – Will you now be supporting Jupiter, Jupiter X and Jupiter X2?
    – I don’t use WooCommerce at all. Does that mean there is no reason to move to x2 or are there other reasons to consider x2?
    – Will x2 help with site performance, page load times, etc.
    – Are there any widgets that will be lost in X2? Do you have a list?
    – Is there an additional fee for existing X customers or does this allow you to switch if the move makes sense for my site?
    Cheers to a new version!

    • I have the same question folks. Interested in this reply.

    • – No, the page builder has not changed . The new features including layout builder and the new Woo capabilities require Elementor as the page builder.

      – That is right. We will continue to maintain the earlier versions

      – Here is the non-Woo new features:
      If you like full site editing you’ll like the Layout Builder.
      The revamped Customizer dramatically improves the styling experience.
      Custom snippets
      Fully-widgetized membership pages
      New control panel

      – Jupiter X2 is less dependent of essential plugins so it’s lighter and more performant. In the next iterations we will introduce specific performance related improvement such as Critical CSS too.

      – We didn’t remove any widgets in X2. Instead, actually we have added 5 new Woo widgets! 😉
      None of the existing widgets are lost at all.

      – No, like previous versions, this upgrade will be freely available to existing users 😉

  5. Hi and congrats and welcome to X2.
    But I don’t hear anything about Crocoblock…
    Sounds like it has disappeared… Hope not because I spent so much time on it I don’t want to lose that investment…
    Could you please let us know?

    • Got my answer while visiting themeforest, and jet engine is still here.

    • That is right, Crocoblock add-ons are still there and not affected. Hope that helps.

  6. Got it. So it is an upgrade from v1.26.0 to V2 with several new things added. Thanks for your prompt response. Cheers!

  7. Hi,
    Great work guys. Was gonna ask when X2 will be released and noticed version 2.0.4 is there already in my dashboard! Can’t wait to try it out.

    • Looking forward to hear your feedback Coach.

  8. This is awesome!!

    • Thank you Francis

  9. Very nice…

    – but does it mean, if you own Elementor PRO, that you shouldn’t use it anymore?! Or should you deactivate the Elementor Pro plugin then?!

    – and what if you have already worked on a page with Elementor PRO, can you import the data or will it be converted?! Or should you then rebuild the pages?

    – and you write so much about Wocommerce… I have already created WooBuilder templates with Crocoblock… can I import them with X2 or do I have to rebuild everything here?!

  10. Is it compatibile with Elementor Pro? I’m a little worried about updating from X to X2.

  11. Hi Maziar,
    Is Jupiter X2 compatible with “Woocommerce subscription”, can we also use it for cross selling ?
    Many thanks and Greeting frome the south of France ! 🙂

  12. I mean Woocommerce “subscription” app…

  13. No file upload field on the checkout page?

  14. Oh! That’s just perfect. Thanks for sharing it here! I guess I will get to my software shoping now.

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