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A Glimpse of the Future: Jupiter Element Library Goes Infinite!

Well, it’s time to sit back and relax because these much-awaited great features are coming your way in a few weeks. But before that, let me introduce you to another kickass feature that we’re going to add to Jupiter soon.

The said feature has long been requested mostly by customization gurus, agencies and designers, and would totally excite you even amateur website builders – the expandable Jupiter library of elements!

What is wrong with the current elements library?

Well, nothing. The Jupiter element library was working just fine and it was undoubtedly very helpful to a lot of users. In fact, the  Jupiter element library was used to power up about 100,000 websites. We didn’t want to fix a problem — our aim is to make this feature even better and more capable.

The current elements library (Jupiter V6) is equipped with about 100 elements for different needs and niches. But, every library has a beginning and ending, right? Our aim is to make this library infinite and unlimited!


How is it possible to make an unlimited library of elements?

1- Brand new elements will be added to Jupiter

We will add about 25 new elements to Jupiter soon. These elements are expected to help you create a more appealing aesthetic and a very functional, easy-to-navigate web design, many of which have been asked for by our community.

Here are the new elements you can expect, just to name a few:

  • Form
  • Site Logo
  • Timeline
  • Navigation Menu


  • Search Form
  • Shopping Cart
  • Post Carousel
  • Menu Anchor
  • Custom HTML
  • And more…

I’m quite sure you will absolutely love some of these new elements as they will hugely add up to the customizability of the content you can create with and through Jupiter. But this is not the main thing we did to supercharge Jupiter element library!

Unidentified sources say there will be two entirely new element packs to be added to Jupiter! What are they? Well, I cannot disclose them yet, but it’s definitely something to look forward to.

2- Any third party library element can be added to Jupiter

Our main step towards making Jupiter a theme for all seasons was to make it possible to add third party elements from any source to Jupiter. You will be able to simply get element collections from CodeCanyon or any other source, and add it to Jupiter as easily as you install plugins in WordPress!

If you have the skills, you can also create your own library of elements to Jupiter. Just like a plugin, you can activate and deactivate each collection upon need in any Jupiter installation.


For whom will this be the most beneficial?

These new additions will supercharge Jupiter element library capabilities and will promise a deeper and better customizability for your future projects. For the average Jupiter WP user, the newly added elements will mean easier and better presentation of their content. Agencies who need to tailor the design of their client website to a particular brand personality can create or purchase their own element collection and use it for their client website.

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