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Jupiter v1.21: Introducing the New Jupiter X Control Panel

We heard you! You told us what would make Jupiter X even more interesting – and listened. Now, we’re thrilled to unveil a whole new phenomenal change to Jupiter’s control panel in the new Jupiter v1.21. That’s where you can control the theme’s basic functionality, install templates and plugins, install updates, and much more. 

Now let’s dig into the exciting stuff.

The fast and stunning new UI 

Jupiter has always been the pioneer of the greatest user experience and user interface among the most popular WordPress themes. It was high time to give the Jupiter X control panel a facelift. The new look of the control panel in the Jupiter v1.21 is designed to deliver a more clear and straightforward experience while taking advantage of the entire screen to be more responsive and spacious. 

The new horizontal navigation helps to accommodate the new additions and features in a more accessible way. We have also made massive changes to the code to get rid of unnecessary components and reduced its weight to perform faster.

More accessible navigation and more spacious workplace are the key characteristics of new control panel user interface

Performance tips 

Jupiter X is designed to be fast. However, a WordPress theme can never guarantee your website performance to run at its peak because WordPress is an open platform that allows users to install plugins or modify pretty much everything. So there are other measures that you have to take to ensure your website is fast and performant.

The new Jupiter v1.21 control panel provides you with helpful recommendations to get your website running even faster. These tips include suggestions to install a cache plugin if you have not already or fix the faulty thing that is causing your website to run slow.  But that’s not the end of the story. From time to time, we’ll add new tips to enrich this feature even further. 

Site health

The new control panel is missioned to help beginner and intermediate WordPress users to run their website like a pro. That is why we introduced the all-new site health feature in the control panel dashboard. This is where you can get important information about your website issues. 

For example,  this website has run into trouble because there is a problem with the PHP modules. Normally it takes an advanced user to put in some time and figure this out but thanks to these new smart reports, everyone can immediately become informed about what exactly needs attention. 

These helpful reports usually provide links to the related documentation to teach you how to fix the issue step by step.

Jupiter v1.21

All new plugin section

Jupiter X is offered with tons of premium plugins bundled with it. This is amazing news for you to save hundreds of bucks and use the best plugins in the WordPress market for free. 
In the Jupiter v1.21’s new control panel, it is now much easier to review the bundled plugins and choose one with the new functionality driven approach. For example, we have presented the plugins with a description of what they do and how they can be helpful instead of writing just their names.

Jupiter v1.21 - plugin

Furthermore, once you click on any plugin thumbnail, you’ll be able to watch a short video about the plugin to make sure it’s what you’re looking for. 

Once you’ve decided to install the plugin all you need to do is to press the install and activate the button. This will install the plugin and activate it automatically to save you one extra step to activate it manually.   

Version control

Every WordPress update can be surprising and perhaps chaotic. So what if in case your website crashed after you updated Jupiter or a plugin, you could just roll back to the previous versions. Well, that’s now possible with the new control panel. 

We’re introducing a new section in the settings panel called “version control.” Just like the name suggests, it gives you full control to reinstall the previous versions of Jupiter X theme and all of its bundled plugins. All you need to do is select the version and press the reinstall button.

Jupiter v1.21 - version control

New ways to update Jupiter X

It’s important to keep your WordPress theme and plugins up to date. Add WordPress updates to the list and you’ll find yourself having to update quite a lot and regularly. Unfortunately, this process is not always that smooth and factionless. But this is now different with the new Jupiter X control panel.

You can now update everything about Jupiter in just one place. Previously you had to go through each plugin that needed to be updated but now even those plugin updates are being processed in the new updates section. With just the press of a button, you can update Jupiter X and all of its bundled plugins at once. 


If you’re a freelancer or running a design agency using Jupiter X to power up your clients’ websites, you know how tedious it is to update each and every website when an update is released. 

With the new control panel, that changed too. Now you can automate the update process and save tons of time by enabling the new Auto-update feature. When this option is enabled, the Jupiter X theme and its plugins will be updated automatically, keeping everything fresh and updated at all times. 

License management is easy now

Licenses are important because Jupiter won’t work until you get a proper license, which can be purchased through the Envato marketplace. In the previous version of Jupiter, you weren’t able to view much info about your licenses in the control panel. You had to visit your dashboard in the Artbees portal if you wanted more information. Yes! That was a hefty process.

In the new control panel though, there’s a whole lot more you can do. You can see which email the current license is assigned to and how many days are remaining until your customer support expiration. In addition, you can click on the shortcut links to revoke, extend and manage your license from the Artbees portal.

Jupiter v1.21 - license

Other improvements

The more you dig into the new control panel, the more interesting you’ll find it. It’s filled with numerous small improvements and additions to deliver a pleasant experience. Here are some of the more notable ones:

  • A properly categorized section that includes links to Jupiter documentation
  • Major code improvements to make it lighter and function better 
  • Clearer ways to contact Jupiter X support      
  • Extended the native WordPress site health feature to check for theme’s issues and report them 
  • Reordered plugins based on the usage and requirements to reduce the time users spend finding the plugin they need
  • A better, clearer way to signal inactive plugins  
  • Extended white label feature to cover more sections of the theme 
  • Implemented more related helper links so users can learn about every setting in the control panel
  • A link to the customizer to change the global styling of the theme 

And the journey continues 

The Jupiter X control panel has gone under a major change so that you feel better working with it and save a lot of your precious time. That was a big mission for us at Artbees but that is far from the end. Apart from adding even more improvements to the control panel, we are working on some exciting additions to other areas of the theme to bring to you the most pleasant experience you can ever have working with a WordPress theme. 

Let us know what you think about Jupiter v1.21 and the recent control panel overhaul and stay tuned 🙂

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