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A Breakdown of Musician Websites Built by Jupiter

If you wish to start your own website for your music or your business, there are some elements that will come in handy if you want people to have a better look at what you can offer.

  1. About page: Coming up with a comprehensive About page would help people know more about you as a person, as a musician or as a business. The About page can be the place where you share your humble beginnings to what you have achieved so far.
  2. Videos tab: If you are a studio that offers recording to budding artists, you can have a Videos tab to let people see the quality of your studio. With videos, the musicians who recorded in your studio can use them to promote both their music and your studio to their friends and contacts.
  3. Samples tab: Letting people have access to sample tracks can be a great way for them to know about you and your music style. People can have a better appreciation of what you can do if samples are easily available to them.

Those are just some elements that can come in handy if you wish to start your own musician website. Here is a breakdown of some musician websites built by Jupiter. Check them out and draw inspiration for your own site.

Celtronic Studios



Background: As stated in their website, Celtronic Studios is a state of the art electronic music production studio in Derry. Aside from their equipment on music production, they also feature a superb setup for budding DJs to play around with.

Breakdown: Celtronic has a simple and descriptive website with 2 sub-pages. They have used the Blog element to showcase their portfolio – like old events, recent albums and some sample tracks. On the Homepage, you get to experience Edge Slider for the Latest News part of the page.

From the whole look of their site, you get to see that they tweaked Jupiter’s theme to fit their needs coming up with one of the great musician websites built by Jupiter.

DJ Anaboo



Background: DJ Anaboo or Anastasia Bondarenko is an international model and DJ. When she was young, she relocated to Milan and Paris to launch her career. Travelling from different cities exposed her to different cultures and people giving her an opportunity to collaborate with a number of artists across Europe and the U.S. Her genre jumps from Jazz/Lounge to Hip Hop to Electro/House to Indie Dance/Nu-Disco.

Breakdown: This website is a compilation of all the works of DJ Anaboo, It’s a simple site with a touch of pink and some peaceful dark background color in all of the pages, making content stand out in the eyes of the visitor. It also has fancy background images to add attitude and more pop to the overall look of the site.

DJ Master Percy / Elektrowerk



Background: Elektrowerk is a special music studio that is fully equipped with the latest equipment to mix and produce music with great quality. It is being run by Master Percy who is into Deep Tech, Lawrence Palmer who is in Techno Trance and Jazzy James who is into Deep Tech.

Breakdown: This site uses Thyone template that has the following elements: Icon Box, Testimonials and Advanced Google maps. These can be used to further push the music studio business of Elektrowerk. The top banner in the Homepage has a Parallax feature. On the other hand, the sub-pages have an Image Slide Show, Image Gallery and Portfolio to highlight the work the studio has done. It also has an Embed feature to a website – – to create pages like Live or DJ Master Percy pages.

Harmonia Dzwieku



Background: Harmonia Dzwieku is a cellist who graduated from the Academy of Music in Gdańsk. She has had collaboration with a number of personalities including the State Chamber Orchestra in Słupsk, the Olsztyn Philharmonic, the Baltic Philharmonic, the Early Music Ensemble “Capella Gedanensis” and the string quartet “Four Colors”.

Breakdown: This one is a simple site built by Page Sections with Parallax effect. It’s a fluid page that has all the important elements to get to know Harmonia. Her achievements are listed there as well so anyone visiting her site would have an idea of what she can do. The site also has an Image Gallery, Accordion and Employee elements.

Tailoring musician websites built by Jupiter to fit your needs is an easy task. You can be sure that you won’t start from scratch as there are multiple elements you can use and tweak to have a stunning-looking website. Take inspiration from the pages above and start showcasing your talents today!

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