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More Than a Block Editor: Pros and Cons of WordPress 5.0

The new version of WordPress was already released in the market on the 27th of November 2018 and advanced editor for the CMS system called Gutenberg was also published on the same day. The newly released WordPress 5.0 is given the name ‘Bebo’ after the Cuban jazz composer Bebo Valdes.

Here, you will get to know about the pros and cons of WordPress 5.0 block editor. While recognizing the leading pros and cons of WordPress 5.0 block editor, you will be able to use the CMS more conveniently. As WordPress is one of the leading CMS platforms in the world, it is remarkable how the new version can be more attractive to users.

When it comes to the statistics, WordPress is backed by a prominent position. In a report by the W3 techs, WordPress holds a significant market share of 58.55%. This market share is much more significant than other CMS systems like Joomla and Drupal combined.

Meanwhile, Netcraft published a recent report which shows that WordPress dominates over nearly 27% of the entire internet. This data implies that over 20% of websites present on the internet in self-hosted style are built with WordPress.

In such a scenario, you can be sure that the latest update can help a large number of web developers. With the latest WordPress features, you can comfortably carry out the necessary tasks related to the web building process.

The Pros and Cons of WordPress 5.0 with the Gutenberg Block Editor


  • Better visualization for faster work

As we all know, Gutenberg is a block editor; thus, it can provide a more convenient display to the users. As a user, you can prominently use your creativity. You need not worry about the functionality of the site much while creating the web pages.

Pros and Cons of WordPress 5.0 Pro 1
  • The minimized dependency of TinyMCE

The new WordPress 5.0 version beside the block editor has a much lesser dependence on the TinyMCE. The TinyMCE is one of the online rich-text editors through which the earlier WordPress editor used to convert the HTML. In WordPress 5.0, the block editor is meant to deliver better integration of the plug-in’s cores and themes.

With the new Gutenberg editor, you can get a speedy editing experience as there is less need to visit the TinyMCE. As a result, there is a distinct chance of completing the work related to the page makeup faster.

  • All the benefits of Medium Editor are present

There is good news for most web developers who have earlier used the Medium Editor and worked conveniently in the WordPress. The Gutenberg editor contains similar benefits as the Medium Editor and gives the user a chance to create any content easily.

Thus, by the Bebo version of WordPress, the users can have full control over the content they are creating. One can also get total access to third-party tools whenever necessary.

  • Gadget-Friendly

While discussing the pros and cons of the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor, the central positive fact we came across is its gadget-friendliness. The interface you get is efficiently gadget-friendly. You can quickly work with this interface in tablets, smartphones, or laptops, as well as the traditional desktops.

Pros and Cons of WordPress 5.0 Pro Gadget
  • Friendly to the Users

You should be aware that user-friendliness is one of the leading pros that older versions of WordPress have forever possessed. Now, the latest version with the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor is easier to use. So, you should always consider the fact that the new version has better usability along with the Block Editor.


  • Compatibility Issues

As WordPress provides the benefits of working with numerous plug-ins, it is essential for the editing system to be compatible with them. The main con of the WordPress Bebo version is that it might not work well with several themes and plug-ins.

Moreover, the Gutenberg editor demands more work from the end of the developer. This happens due to the decreased use of TinyMCE. However, all the updates that will be made later can improve the backward situation of the compatibility of the editor.

  • No Full Meta Box Support

In the case of the Beta version of the Gutenberg, you cannot get many essential components of the Meta box. This is another con which might ruin your convenience of working with the WordPress 5.0 version. The only good thing that the Gutenberg editing system has is the Yoast SEO support. There is a prominent expectation that other Meta boxes might work efficiently with Gutenberg in the future.

Pros and Cons of WordPress 5.0 Con 1
  • No Markdown Support

However, working with WordPress is beneficial in many ways; the Gutenberg review might spoil the markdown support. The WordPress Bebo beside that block editor has a prominent con as Markdown is absent. It is a markup language of the lightweight with the ugly test syntax.

If you are the one who has so far used the Markdown language, there might be some problems in getting accustomed to the Gutenberg editor. You should nevertheless expect that the compatibility to the Markdown language will be added shortly.

  • Bad Accessibility

You must be aware that the Gutenberg Editor that comes with the WordPress Bebo is hard to access. In this editor, you cannot find the API that the CRM earlier used to rely upon for building the plug-ins as well as the themes.

So, these are some of the pros and cons of WordPress 5.0 along with the Gutenberg editor. You should always incorporate it only after thoroughly researching the worthiness of the WordPress Bebo. In case you have lighter jobs to do, and you are a beginner, the 5.0 version is best for you.


In spite of all its shortcomings, you should be aware that the latest WordPress is the future. The CRM developers are trying their best to make the WordPress Bebo the best among all the versions available so far. You should also expect a quick road to perfection given the position which WordPress holds in the CRM market.

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