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The Top Benefits of Being Able to Download and Design on a PSD

There are numerous ways on how you can achieve a stunning website design and you have the aid of design tools to make it happen. For example, we have Adobe Photoshop which saves your working files as PSD. Go and familiarize yourself with the process of website design on PSD which can be a big help when you update or revise your site.

PSD is an Adobe Photoshop design file type which stands for Photoshop Document. Adobe Photoshop is a widely-used software for web design and works best for the design-to-code process. PSD files can be “sliced” and turned into HTML code by a web developer. Learning how to conduct a website design on PSD is highly important nowadays as offline and online tools are slowly merging to help improve different businesses.



When you’re working with a Jupiter template, you need to redesign or replace the images to prevent any copyright infringement. Of course, you also want to improve the design to make sure that it fits your brand personality. Editing a theme template on PSD is fairly easy.

With the recent release of Jupiter V5.9.5, you are now able to download PSDs for all 150+ templates. When you download these files, website design on PSD can easily help you make Jupiter templates your own. This allows you more flexibility and ease to customize your design before uploading it to WordPress.

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Editing a theme template on PSD has its advantages like:

  • Fast delivery of web design work to customers and
  • Great ease for designers to customize the design based on customer needs

To download a PSD file from Jupiter templates and start editing a theme template on PSD, you first need to have your Jupiter theme registered. You can learn how to register your theme in this article from our documentation.

After that, you can simply go to the WordPress left menu, then go to Jupiter > Control Panel > Templates and download the desired PSD file.



How You Can Benefit from Jupiter’s PSD Templates


  1. More efficiency when updating or designing your site

You’ve seen how easy it is to download a PSD file from the latest release of Jupiter. Editing a theme template on PSD has its perks but some designers tend to use other file types. However, working with other file types may bring about an additional step of converting designs to a PSD file. This additional step may delay the overall process. While these designers may be able to work with PNG, IDD, or AI file types, it is highly recommended to conduct website design on PSD as it is provides more flexibility when any type of revision comes up.


  1. PSD files are easy on the eyes

A good point to note about editing a theme template on PSD is that such file types are layered and well organized, using folders and layer compositions to show different pages and states. With such organization present during the whole process, you can’t help but to appreciate the ease website design on PSD brings to the table.


  1. Faster delivery of work to the customer

For designers, having a PSD file means fast delivery of work to the customer. The designer could easily open the PSD file and change the colors of each item, as well as the font, textures and any other available element. This advantage makes editing a theme template on PSD more preferred by other designers.

However, if you compare it to someone who submitted a JPG file instead, designers would have to start over because all the elements have already been compressed together in a JPG file. Hence, each element cannot be revised if needed, which will add more time when updating your website is crucial already.

Wrap Up

Having a PSD file means that you don’t have to have any knowledge of web skills like HTML, CSS, PHP, and the like. You don’t have to go back and forth from the code to the visual interpretation of the code. With a PSD Template provided in the Jupiter theme, you can just focus on the design and the beauty of a website and let someone else worry about the code.

Play around and be creative when you conduct your website design on PSD. Let your templates embody the personality you want your site to have. Enjoy Jupiter V5.9.5 and make templates your own by downloading the PSD files and get to capture the market that you want.

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