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Matej Rončević

The Top Benefits of Being Able to Download and Design on a PSD

Designs on a website are getting more attractive each day. It is because businesses have seen the importance

Understanding WordPress and How it Works

The digital space has made it easy for content to make its way to its intended audience. You

Most Common Issues with Image and Video Sizes & How to Solve Them

Images and videos are a major part of any modern WordPress website. We live in strange times where

How to Customize Footers in WordPress Using Links and Images

The footer of your website is as important as your header. Its purpose is to guide visitors by

The Worst WordPress Security Mistakes and How to Address Them

The popularity of WordPress makes it attractive to website hackers. With 25% of all websites running on WordPress,

How To Set Up Stripe in WordPress & Accept Payments

Gone are the days of confusing paperwork, expensive fine print, and complex PCI compliance procedures. If you haven’t

The Top 5 Recommended Web Hosts for Jupiter WordPress

One of the most common questions we get here at Artbees is what’s the most recommended web hosts

Tips for Setting Up a Contact Form in Jupiter

Ever visit a website, browse through the services or products and then try to connect with the company,

7 WordPress Myths Not To Fall For

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS. We admit, it’s a pretty bold statement. However, when you find out

Introducing Jupiter’s New Header Builder: Here’s what’s new!

You asked, and we heeded! Our goal with this new Header Builder was to knock down any limitations