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Make your Sports Website Awesome with these 8 WordPress Sports Plugins

At last count, WordPress was being used on more than 75 million websites, and you can be certain that a good chunk of that total belongs to sports-related websites. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s vital that your website uses some reliable WordPress sports plugins and is hosted on local servers, so it can load quickly and run efficiently.

If you’re in particular locality, it’s best that you use a provider whose server is in that same area. It’s for the same reason that users will likely click a URL (due to the TLD –, than a URL, for instance.

Speed is always good. But, your website must also be reliable and secure. The https is a good guardian of data (as you can also notice in the above mentioned example); it’s a revised version of the http, is more secure, and helps protect online transactions. Using https is invaluable for your website data security.

WordPress Sports Plugins

There are millions of themes in the market that will give your website the professional look it needs. However, you will need certain WordPress sports plugins to get some of the functionalities necessary for a sports website. These plugins will guarantee that clients who visit your website have an awesome experience.

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This article considers 8 of the WordPress sports plugins you can install to get the incredible sports club website you need.


  • SportsPress –



SportsPress is said to be one of the best and most complete WordPress sports plugins designed for sports websites. It doesn’t matter if you want to showcase your whole team, highlight a league, or give out sports updates and tips — SportsPress is an all-encompassing plugin suite that can provide you with all the functions you need and more.

It comes with a number of options for team pages, player statistics, league calendar, league standing, head-to-head information, and a whole host of other options. SpotsPress also has several extensions that you can download and install to add more features to your website. This WordPress sport plugin is definitely worth a try.


  • League Table –

League Table is a WordPress sports plugin that allows you to create and display league tables in your pages, posts, and widget areas. If you’re a fan of a particular club and want to display league information relating to your club, or you want to display the complete league information of any tournament, then you need to take a look at League Table.

You can quickly and easily publish your league tables in multiple formats and customize them with whatever colors you choose. League Table is fully customizable and comes with lots of interesting features. You can include your table just about anywhere you can use normal WordPress content, including pages, posts, custom posts and widget areas (using a shortcode).


  • WP Club Manager –



WP Club Manager is one WordPress sports plugin that makes managing your sports club website a breeze. It’s quite versatile and is used by many sports website owners and sports enthusiasts. This WordPress sports plugin allows you to create and maintain team profiles, team and player stats, league rankings, sponsors, and even club staff.

Just as easily as making a regular WordPress post, you can post showcase fixtures, results, tables, and much more. This information can be displayed as a regular WordPress post, page, or in the widget areas using a shortcode. WP Club Manager has been touted as a very useful addition to any club website built on WordPress.


  • Livescore WordPress Plugin –



If you run a sports club or own a sports website, then it’s safe to assume that you’re familiar with the popular score update website Livescores. This is a website that displays past and real-time game information.

You can also display these details on your sports club’s website if you want. This will help you attract traffic and keep your visitors stay glued to your website.

Basically,his simple-to-install WordPress sports plugin will add live score functionality to your website, just like on the original site. You can choose where you want this information to show, whether you want it displayed as a post or a page. You can also use it as a shortcode to place live scores as a widget, anywhere on your website.


  • Football Ranking WordPress Plugin –



If you own a soccer website built on WordPress, you probably want your visitors to have access to global football rankings. This will drive traffic to your website and, at the same time, increase the length of time visitors spend on your website. Football Ranking WordPress Plugin is the plugin to help you achieve this.

This WordPress sports plugin allows you to display the most current world football rankings for different teams, leagues, and tournaments across various categories, in both male and female teams.

After activating the plugin, you can use a shortcode to display it anywhere you want on your website. This plugin also comes with some useful features, such as the ability to change font size, colors, and other display functions from the settings page.


  • WP Club Manager For Cricket –



You’ve heard of WP Club Manager. Now, let’s introduce WP Club Manager for Cricket. This is an add-on to the original WP Club Manager that allows you to extend the functionality of your sports website to include cricket.

Even though there’s a global affinity for soccer, there are also millions of people who love cricket. With WP Club Manager for Cricket, you can include different types of cricket information on your website for cricket lovers.

For example, you can create and display match scorecards, player information, bowling and batting statistics, and match toss, among others. WP Club Manager for Cricket allows you to fully customize the appearance of your cricket page with various different exciting templates.

If you have a cricket club website, or want to include cricket in the list of sports your website carries, then WP Club Manager for Cricket is the ideal WordPress sports plugin for you.


  • Team Rosters –



If you have a sports team and need a way to create and manage rosters, then you definitely need to give this plugin a try. Managing rosters by yourself is a slow and tedious process, that can otherwise be done in just a snap if you’re using a WordPress website.

Team Rosters is a WordPress sports plugin that provides built-in templates you can use to build professional looking rosters for high schools, colleges, and even professional teams. Every roster created is easily editable and can be displayed anywhere on your website.


  • SportsPress for Cricket –

We’ve already seen WP Club Manager for Cricket. But in the same vein, there’s also  SportsPress for Cricket. This is also an extension to the original SportsPress plugin for WordPress that allows you to expand the features of your website into a full-blown cricket website.

You can easily display player information, scorecards, batting and bowling stats, and other cricket features. The original SportsPress icon can also be edited to show your logo or even a cricket bat.

Wrap Up

These are our top picks of WordPress sports plugins that will help you efficiently create and manage a dynamic sports site without breaking too much of a sweat. Best of all, these sports plugins will allow you to optimize the design and user interface of your site, so you can offer website visitors a truly unique and seamless online experience your fans will truly appreciate.


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