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We Are Officially Announcing Jupiter X Today!

Jupiter X is a remake of the Jupiter WP theme that you’ve always loved and supported in the past 5 years. It’s a whole new level of maturity and capability that Jupiter has ever achieved.

Jupiter X introduces many improvements, additions, and power features that I cannot list in a single blog post. But, we will share different materials in social media in the coming days to cover the features and additions in depth. Also, you will get to know them one by one and experience them in action when you start using it.

For now, I’m listing the very important and exciting features and improvements of Jupiter X.

Jupiter X redefines customizability

Jupiter X is a fast, light, and powerful WordPress theme for building all kinds of websites. It allows you to customize literally every inch of your website using a powerful visual editor. With the help of WordPress Customizer technology and its brand new page builder, it offers seamless and limitless control of both global and in-page elements. Expect a totally different experience working with widgets, sidebars, menus, typography, layout, 404, search and maintenance.

Meet the new page builder: Elementor

Elementor is the world’s most popular WordPress page builder used on more than 1 million websites. It’s so popular because it has addressed the problems and downsides of all WordPress page builders in the past.

Elementor is by far the only page builder that offers almost limitless customizability within a solid user experience. You can create any type of layout and customize nearly every aspect of every element using visual controls in real time.

You can now preview your content in 3 views–desktop, tablet and mobile– and define different designs for each of them. You can also reorder your page blocks using a quick navigator. If you’ve accidentally broken something, just hit the same old Ctrl+Z keys or use version history to travel further back in time!

Header & Footer Builder

To stand out from the competition, your header and footer play a big role in the uniqueness and originality of your website. Jupiter X makes it possible to craft your header, sticky header, and footer from the ground up, just like the rest of your content!

You now have a visual editor that helps you build them bit by bit the way you like or use one of the dozens of ready-made beautiful templates we prepared. Plus, you can design different headers and footers for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Shop Customizer

You can now Customize the most untouchable parts of your WooCommerce shop including product list, product single, shopping cart, and checkout pages. Like I said, every aspect of every element can be customized through a completely visual editor. It also provides you with six beautiful, ready-made product single page templates. Also, you can also customize your shop separately for mobile and tablet screen sizes.

Say Hi to Blog & Portfolio Builder

Jupiter X is also the first theme to enable its users to completely reinvent the look of their blog list, portfolio list, and blog single page. You can fully customize your single post and turn off blog elements such as social media, comment section, and meta info.

Reusable Block Templates

Jupiter X comes with captivatingly beautiful ready-made block templates to help you get started and build a webpage real quick. You can save a page section or an entire page and re-use it across other pages, or even other websites! Plus, you can choose a pre-made block template from our amazing collection to save time or get inspired.

Built on the Future’s Web Standards

Jupiter X is engineered with extreme care and precision. It’s extremely developer-friendly and is absolutely scalable. With the help of Beans, Bootstrap, and ACF, you can easily extend Jupiter in the most enjoyable and accurate way possible.

Jupiter X is unbelievably extendible and developer friendly. It comes with countless actions and filters for deep customization such as editing HTML attributes and overriding page layouts. Compiling on the fly technology also makes it possible to edit styles and scripts without overriding them, in addition to dozens of other amazing features.

Who should use Jupiter X?

Everyone who wants to build a website with WordPress should try creating a website with Jupiter. Jupiter X is designed and developed with ‘everyone’ in mind. Regardless of the tech knowledge, the sector you’re coming from, and your past experience, there is something for you in Jupiter X.

You can start making a website from scratch using the all-new page builder and powerful WordPress customizer. You can use readymade block sections and easily put together a layout, or you can quickly grab a completely readymade website by checking your Jupiter X template repository.

Who is eligible to upgrade?

Well, everyone! All past Jupiter WP users can download the latest package on Themeforest and upgrade to Jupiter X. Your past Jupiter license is automatically eligible for the Jupiter X upgrade.

What you should know about migrating from Jupiter to Jupiter X

I recommend everyone who has a Jupiter website to read the official beta announcement written by our CTO Babek Azimzade as well as the Q&A session Max held with Babek about the beta release.

We’ve done our best to facilitate the migration of old Jupiter websites to Jupiter X and soon, a migration script will be available to facilitate the migration process. For more details on migration from Jupiter to Jupiter X, you might want to look at the following articles as well:

Upgrading Jupiter Theme to Version X

Changes Made to Jupiter X

Migrating Page Content to Jupiter X

How do we support Jupiter X?

The support for Jupiter X admin area will be provided in a few weeks.  In the meantime, users can access the live chat widget on our website as well as the ticketing support desk.

Will we support the classic Jupiter and Visual Composer?

After hearing our community’s concerns about the websites built by Jupiter 6, we decided to continue supporting the classic Jupiter indefinitely. As long as Jupiter is alive as a WordPress theme which is literally forever, we will provide support, updates and maintenance both for Jupiter X and the classic Jupiter ;). As for Visual Composer and all third party plugins, we will continue supporting them as long as their respective authors support it.

What’s next?

Jupiter X is the beginning of what we think is the future of WordPress themes. It’s all the things we think an ideal WordPress website builder should have and sums up our 6-year experience in WordPress. We sure have done our best to follow best practices and use the latest technology to build it, but then no product in the world is perfect. In fact, we believe the perfect product is a dead product. We will continue to think of ways to improve Jupiter as well as listen to our valuable community to draw future roadmaps and write action plans.

Jupiter X is a new product and every new product comes with a margin of initiation and maturity. We’ve done our best to make it as flawless as possible, but if you encounter problems or weaknesses, bear in mind that there is a support team here in Artbees that cannot wait to help and solve your issues!

Also, we have a passionate dev team that only codes for the products they love. We collect reports, monitor products and listen to our support channels all the time to find and fix bugs, problems or weaknesses, as soon as possible. Start your Jupiter X experience by checking its brand new landing page and learn more about its exciting new features.

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