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A Glimpse of the Future: More Website Footer Customization Features Are Coming To Jupiter!

Here in Artbees, we want every part of your website to work and look well. No part should be neglected. The footer is often overlooked but it is actually an important part of web pages. That is why our team has worked on website footer customization so that all’s well in your website!

In the following days, we will be sharing to you sneak peaks of the exciting changes to the features of our themes. We have heard your sentiments from the previous year so we made sure that your wishes are granted. Let’s start with the footer.

Website Footer Customization Features That Needs Improvement

No live previews.

In the current official version of Jupiter WP – V6, your options to control the look and structure of the layout is spread across two main sections. These are page options and theme options. In the page options area, you can choose between two boxed/full-width footer modes. You can also define an image or gradient background for the footer using the background customizer.

In theme options footer section, you can set the appearance of the details of footer and sub footer elements such as the typography, padding and colors. You can also decide if your footer is fixed or normal.

The downside in this scenario is that you cannot see how the progress of your work while you are doing it. You have to work using trial and error so it takes up a lot of time.

No central location for footer customization.

Because website footer customization is not centralized, you need to move back and forth between the two sections. This is time consuming and frustrating.

Having no central location means you have to open different tabs for different functions. It can be confusing and make your design and productivity suffer.

Adding/editing widgets is difficult.


Widgets are important but adding and editing them can be exasperating. You need to go back and forth through the appearance then widgets section every single time you add a line of custom text to your footer.

How These Problems are Going to be Addressed

Fully-visual editor

Very soon you will no longer need to do guess work when customizing your footer. There will be no need for arduous trial-and-error because website footer customization will already be in one main section through a WYSIWYG editor.

You will have variety of options to style the general look of the footer and details of its elements in two tabs available in the sidebar. You can see their effects in the actual website in real time.

All the elements you need like content and settings are included.

Additionally you can add, remove, and reorder all widgets right in the same panel and view them in real time. Everything regarding your footer is accessible and editable in one main area from content to appearance and structure. There is no longer a need for back and forth editing or previewing; no guesswork. All these are possible with WordPress customizer technology.

Pre-made footer templates

Just in case the changes above aren’t easy enough for you, we have pre-made footer templates for your convenience. This way, footer customization is simple, efficient, and powerful! While searching for the best pre-made footer templates, you can test it out and see how it looks in real time. There are several templates you can choose from to ensure you pick one that fits the personality and needs of your website.

You asked, we delivered!

This feature eliminates the previous design limitations and difficulties in customizing your footer.

These features are just a glimpse of the improvements we are working on to serve you better. They will improve your experience and unlock new possibilities for your website. The changes are made to make your design experience smooth and to make your design the best that it can be.

Will these changes help in the problems you are currently facing with Jupiter WP theme? Tell us what you think about these features in the comment section and stay tuned for more great news in the coming weeks!

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