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Navid Nekoy


Expert Tips on How to Create Perfect Blog Layouts in WordPress

You will learn tips and insights on how to choose a layout for your blog using features in
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How to Boost WooCommerce Sales with Jupiter X Sales Funnel Builder

A sales funnel is the visual representation of a prospect's journey toward purchasing a product and becoming your

How to Increase Engagement and Drive Loyalty in WooCommerce With Personalized Promotions

Reach new audiences, boost customer loyalty and watch revenues grow--all with personalized promotions. Learn how to deploy strategic

All About WooCommerce Product Filtering and How to Improve it with Jupiter X2

In this article we will explore the best practices to follow for effective product filtering in WooCommerce and
create effective popups in wordpress featured

How to Create Effective Popups in WordPress

Let’s be honest – no one likes seeing a popup when they are browsing a webpage. But what